What is the Glow Up Challenge #GlowUp on Social Media...and how to crush "Glowing Up"

2 Minute Read: If you have made it through at least 10 photos on Instagram, I am sure you have seen the #GlowUp Challenge.

So you might be asking yourself... "What is the Grow Up Challenge?"

It is all about "Glowing Up" and becoming more amazing every year. #aging

To create your own, just create a Layout (you can download Instagram's Layout app from the App Store) with a split screen. Post a photo from 2009 on the left and a photo from 2019 on the right. 

If you really want to Glow Up well...apply these healthy practices to your life...

1) Meditate on positive thoughts every day

2) Be kind to yourself and others

3) Exercise a little every day...even better if you can get to 30 minutes at least 5 days a week

4) Make 80% of your diet fruits and veggies

5) Journal 15 minutes daily

6) Set reasonable goals for yourself and take one step towards them each day

Now check out all the fun #GlowUp Posts on social media and post your own...instead of sitting there asking yourself.... "What the heck is the #GlowUp challenge all over Instagram and Facebook??"

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