Ihave had the opportunity to help many businesses grow and scale, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. My story of humble beginnings in Georgia and sharing stages with prominent leaders like Michelle Obama drives my passion to help aspiring entrepreneurs kickstart their business ventures.

With my two founded companies, Schirmer McCord Media and LaunchViral, I specialize in building and scaling businesses through intensive education, consulting, and mentorship. Having launched over 1,000 campaigns for companies such as Disney and Warner Bros., nothing excites me more than seeing businesses achieve success through my mentorship.

On my journey to becoming a founder and CEO, I have learned to identify critical roadblocks and strategize effective solutions for businesses to overcome challenges and achieve their desired growth. With years of experience in marketing and high-pressure environments, my expertise in branding, campaign launches, and influencer marketing has earned me acclaim in eye-catching publications such as CNN, Vogue, Forbes, and Entrepreneur Magazine.

My passion for entrepreneurship and branding has taken me to platforms like "Elevator Pitch" and "Female Founders," where I share my expertise and advice with entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide. Being a best-selling author has given me the opportunity to write extensively on branding and marketing, and share my unique insights and experiences with the world.

My message to aspiring entrepreneurs is simple: be authentic and true to yourself. I firmly believe that anything is possible with hard work and resilience, and that's what drives me to help others achieve their dreams. My work with the Female Founders show, which features top female entrepreneurs, is a testament to my commitment to helping aspiring entrepreneurs kickstart their business ventures.

Through my work, I hope to inspire others with my story of humble beginnings and success and help businesses grow and achieve their full potential. With the right branding and marketing strategies, coupled with hard work and resilience, there's nothing that entrepreneurs can't achieve.

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