What is this Flowerwear Trend...and How to Crush it in Your Own Photoshoot

What is this Flowerwear Trend...and How to Crush it in Your Own Photoshoot

Rachel McCord

The influencers have done it again!! The new photoshoot trend that is sweeping Instagram is called "Flowerwear" and I am SO here for it!

I know what your thinking, "Florals for spring? Groundbreaking." Okay, we see you Miranda Priestly (If this doesn't make sense watch “Devil wears Prada”), but I promise you this trend is the NEW thing to be looking out for and you'll be wanting to do it yourself in no time.

This trend is basically where you use actual flowers in place of a top! You can stick them in the waistband of your pants, or attach them to a small bandeau top that will be hidden by the flowers. I am in LOVE with this literal take on the floral pattern trend! It's so dreamy and aesthetically pleasing and there are so many different ways that you can rock it. 


Loving these peonies on @carolinlauffenburger !!

Could @anazsiantar be any cuter with her wildflowers??

@rikkekrefting is so dreamy with her bouquet!

@le.roseville makes baby's breath look so easy

@susanna_tshagharyan has the artsy thing DOWN!

I am obsessed with @jkt.spot's take on this trend!!

Now that you are properly inspired, you probably want to grab the first bouquet of flowers that you see and try it for yourself, am I right??

Here's some tips and tricks to have a flowerwear photoshoot that is *totally* Instagram worthy!

1. Real or Fake flowers?

A great first question to start with! My advice is to go with real buds because it will make the picture look way more authentic. The colors will pop more and you will get a better picture all around. The only time I would say to go fake is with roses. No one wants to be poked in the chest with thorns!! That is NO fun!

2. What should I use for my back drop?

As you saw in the pictures above, you can really use anything for your background. It should be relatively plain because a background that is too distracting could take attention away from the flowers. Also if your flowers are very colorful, going with a more neutral background is a good idea.

3. Should I wear something underneath? I don't want to flash anyone!

This is an important one. Although that would be an exciting addition to your Instagram, probably not a good idea to be showing off too much skin! If the bouquet is thick enough, take a few test shots and see if it's covering everything. If you feel like its too sparse and it's not going to cover properly, slip on a neutral-colored bandeau and try to hide it with the flowers as best as you can. 

Babes, I hope ya'll are inspired and READY to take over Instagram with your next flowerwear photoshoot pics. I can't wait to see them!

Next up...floral skirts?!

Rachel mccord

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