Top 3 Tips: How to deal with people who copy you

Top 3 Tips: How to deal with people who copy you

Rachel McCord

Copycats: the most annoying form of flattery

When you launch your business, it is time to GET OUT THERE! You need to meet people, promote yourself on social media, send emails, humble brag, and share everything you can to drum up interest. if that wasn’t scary have to accept the fact that people are going to copy you. 

I know...annoying. We all wish people would just watch, applaud, nod, and congratulate...but we don’t live in that world.

In this world, everyone wants to succeed. And, often times, someone else’s success is a painful reminder of their...not so successes. 

So, what do you do? 

1)  Feel that emotion:

It’s hard work to build what you’ve built. You’ve pushed through the self-doubt, noise, and long hours it takes to stand out.

And, as exciting as it is to get recognized as becoming the next fashion designer or photographer, it’s SUUUPER annoying to have people copy you. 

So feel it. Get mad. Scream into a pillow. Stalk their copycatness on Instagram, Furiously scribble a hole in your angry journal as you vent. You can even hit an unexpecting punching bag...


2)  MOVE ON:

Snapchat doesn’t have time to get mad at every InstaStory, and neither do you! You are too busy innovating and landing your career job to worry about them!

Is it annoying? Yes. Does it matter? No! By the time they copy you, you are already miles ahead of them...with them still trying to copy last month’s Insta post.

If anything, consider having compassion on them. Deep down, it probably doesn’t feel great for them to realize they can’t be inspired by someone without plagiarizing them. They must have very little confidence in themselves and their own creative strengths. 


3)  Be proud of yourself!: 

Hold you head up high, realizing that you’ve reached QUITE a milestone! It’s a huge deal to have reached so much success that you’ve got a fan club who circles and stalks everyone you ever interact with. If you were crushing it, NO ONE would be copying it! 

So smile away and keep working towards your dreams! You’ve got this!!


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