The World is Beautiful...When it isn’t Resting on Your Shoulders

The World is Beautiful...When it isn’t Resting on Your Shoulders

Rachel McCord

I love being horizontal. I love taking a break and resting up in between work. What I didn’t realize was why I was so freaking burnt out all of the time...until now. 

Have you ever heard people say you have to step away from stuff to realize how blessed you are? Well I also believe you have to step away from life to realize how STRESSED you are!

I lived on Sunset boulevard, in West Hollywood, for five years. But it wasn’t until I moved to the westside (by the water) a few months ago that I even realized how freaking stressed out I was! And for the record...stress is much different than drive, work ethic, and hustle. It ISN’T A NECESSARY PART OF BEING SUCCESSFUL!!!

Anyway...I didn't even realize how lost I was in the hamster wheel, until I moved to Marina Del Rey, around so many successful, CALM, and amazing people that I even realized that while I had been working sooooo hard...I wasn’t working very smart.

Of course we still take our subconscious wherever we go, so even after I moved to a more peaceful place, I still found myself slipping into old habits. Sure, I was much less stressed than before...but I wasn’t at peace...yet. 

Of course the curve to awareness is that while it may be hugely can also be insanely ANNOYING! Because you can’t unsee something. I was deeply aware and totally annoyed because it was taking so much time for me to move from where I wanted to be. Wow that sounded so profound! Hahah.

So what’s the lesson here? Well, after the soul searching...and the uncomfortable stirring in my heart. I knew I was close to a breakthrough. I usually have a few sobbing breakdowns before that breakthrough...and I was definitely feeling those moments. Lol.

So I started opening up to a few people I trust, and that helped me start to put the pieces together in my mind and heart. Here’s what I learned:

  • Out of insecurity, I have been giving TOO much of me into everything I do. I didn’t feel confident saying, “That’s all I can do.”
  • Out of the fear of lost connection, I hadn’t been setting healthy boundaries to protect my personal time. Those moments I need for myself to breathe. 
  • Out of a fear of loss of success (which is where I was putting so much of my significance), I had been saying “YASSS” to everything...when I really needed to say, “No, thank you.”
  • Now here is the biggest one...out of fear of vulnerability, I was afraid to delegate and trust other people to help with my baby: The McCord List. P.S. This is still a daily check I have to do, to make sure I’m still trusting and relinquishing control... 

Big revelations, right? So let’s talk about do we get there? What are the steps to true self awareness?

And then, how do you move from awareness to where you want to be? And do that consistently?

Well first of all, you need to bring awareness. So if you are feeling burnt out, frustrated, overwhelmed, and fed up, you need to do these 3 things:

  1. Create some space in your life (meditate and get alone WITHOUT distractions), in your surroundings (go outside), and in your relationships (set some boundaries, and acknowledge that whomever you may lose as a result of your necessary growth, was never truly yours to begin with). I was super blessed to find this space on a recent trip to Punta Mita with Camp Conscious. It was absolutely incredible! I’ll post about that soon!
  2. Ask yourself what is bubbling up inside you? What feelings are you suppressing out of discomfort? What consistent patterns or loops are you experiencing over and over again? 
  3. Become aware of the complaints, feedback, and obstacles you consistently face in your relationships. Is your person saying you are always distracted, jealous, insecure, judgmental, critical, etc. Is there any truth to this? What is this “acting out” trying to teach you. I know that sounds super cheesy but the way your body tries to resolve the unresolved, is by consistently seeking and creating the required cycle/pattern, until awareness is made and healing is complete. 

Healing is the number one goal. Can you imagine how heartbreaking it would be if you didn’t reach your goals, dreams, or passions because of unsolved trauma or insecurity you’ve held onto for WAYYY too long? That would be so freaking sad.

Nooo that’s not your story in this life. You have WAYY too much purpose in this life to live it unfulfilled. This is your moment. You are meant to be right here, reading this right now. You created the space and now you are learning something you need to know. It’s time to accept this truth, invite the growth, learn the lesson, get annoyed and uncomfortable holding onto this source of pain, so you can finally heal and be successful!

And then guess what! The amazing thing about success is that suddenly the people you’ve freakin’ DREAMED of working with are suddenly interested in working with you too. Praise emoji!!!!

Of course everything has its curve. And success is no different. So when you get there...listen to what comes up. You might feel some of that stress we talked about. But maybe not. Maybe you will feel some of those fears I mentioned feeling. That’s okay too. That’s just another opportunity to do another soul search to dig in and lean in a little more. Just feel the gratitude for the amazing abundance and then make sure you only accept the opportunities that truly fit your heart.

It’s simply a season shift. It’s a good sign of growth. Just acknowledge and invite it in. Whether it’s in a relationship, your career, school, or internal’s simply a moment in life when you need to “level up” again.

It feels good to level up. To respect yourself a little more...respect your work, time, heart, and opinions. We get so accustomed to trying to win everyone over that we forget they ALSO get to win us over.

So instead of just saying, “YASSSSS!!!” Take a beat and really ask yourself, “Is this going to help me enjoy this beautiful world a little more? Or is it going to feel like I’m putting the world on my shoulders?”

And remember...”No” is a complete sentence.


I love you!