Mommy Must Haves: Self Care Edition

Mommy Must Haves: Self Care Edition

Rachel McCord

HEY BABES!! I can't believe it has already been 5 WEEKS since our sweet baby Jude has come into the world. We are feeling crazy blessed right now as we soak up every second with each other, all cozy and safe at home.

Even though I am in total BABY MODE right now I am realizing how important it is to take some time for my self amid all of the diapers and breastfeeding!! With a little bit of help, I've been able to do some research on AMAZING products to help take care of yourself after giving birth. Seriously guys I can't stress how important it is!

ALSO, Rick has been SO wonderful during this crazy time and has been pampering me and the baby! Um hello!! Best husband in the world!!

The first thing I can say for postpartum pampering is how important skincare is!! I know I've talked about some really great skincare in a couple of my past blogs but I wanted to show you guys a few more products from some of my favorite brands! I have received products from them before and I have been LOVING them! 

The first is the lifting and firming lotion from Evereden! This stuff looks so good guys! This cream is said to firm and tighten your skin while helping diminish the look of cellulite. This product sounds PERFECT for postpartum self-care or any self-care for that matter! Check it out here!

Retails at 42$

The second beauty product that I have found is the eye brightening cream from Belli Skincare! I have loved what they have sent me so far so I wanted to do some more research and see what other amazing products they have!

This stuff is NO joke! It diminishes everything from dark circles, to puffy eyes to fine lines! GUYS! You don't even know how tired I am as a new momma this stuff would work wonders on my tired eyes! Sleep is a hard thing to get while having a newborn and Belli Skincare totally GETS it. 

 Retails for 29$. Check it out here!

 Speaking of SLEEP, I have been searching for some good sleepy teas to help me wind down and get a good night's rest! I found this super yummy looking tea from the Tea Spot called Lights Out. It's organic and caffeine-free which is SO nice for night time! It's a yummy blend of hibiscus flower, licorice root, lavender, chamomile, and peppermint. SO dreamy! Check it out here:


 Retails for 60$

 The last product I wanted to share with you guys that I stumbled upon is the homesick candle! Each candle is named after a major city or state and you can take a whiff to be reminded of your favorite place. Of course, my eyes instantly went to the Los Angeles candle which is just SO spot on! It has notes of orange, coffee, Bergamot, Jasmine, Rose, and Musk. What better way to relax post-baby than to light a yummy smelling candle in the bath, the kitchen, the living room or anywhere you are finding a second to relax. I LOVE that these candles can be so personal too which makes them even more fun! Retails for 30$. Check them out here!

I hope you guys got totally inspired by these products to help get your self-care routine started! I KNOW that I have!