Keep crushing as you slay the day .... 3 Tips to Self-Care

Keep crushing as you slay the day .... 3 Tips to Self-Care

Rachel McCord

Are you a BOSS? We all know that building your brand takes a LOT of work. But don't let that 20-hour work day keep you down! These 3 tips for self-care will help you take care of yourself so you don't get BURNT OUT along the way!

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1. Find your Tribe (and get away from the people who DON'T fit)

Find your tribe. The people who put around you makes a BIG difference! I know it's hard when you really love that person...but if they are bringing you down or hurting you, it's time to 

2. Sleep (this counts more than you know)

Okay I know we all hear this all the time, get enough sleep blah blah blah. But if you’re like me, you prioritize other things like work or life, anything but sleep. (Yes, I am that person sending out emails to your inbox at 3:00 am.) But….sleep is SO important. Don’t put sleep at the bottom of your to-do list. The hours you spend sleeping are the most important hours in order for your brain + body to function even better the next day. So do yourself a favor and just…sleep.

3. Breathe (seems obvious doesn’t it?) 

Yes, I know, this seems obvious & involuntary…BUT…sometimes we all truly forget to breathe. Yes, you are constantly breathing, but seriously take a minute at your work desk, at the gym, driving, wherever it may be, to pause, inhale a deep breath and exhale. Whenever tons of things come up at once and I feel overwhelmed, I feel pressure in my chest, like I could explode with stress. I know this sounds crazy, but I have set up a simple reminder in my phone, to remind me every single day at 12:00 pm to breathe. You don’t even realize how much this will change your life until you try it.



Rachel McCord

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