Happy wife, happy life. Right.....?

Happy wife, happy life. Right.....?

Rachel McCord

Not so fast, says relationship coach GS Youngblood, author of The Masculine in Relationship.  Contrary to popular belief, going along with your wife or girlfriend’s preferences in every area from where to go for dinner to household finances and how to raise the kids is not going to keep things peaceful, happy—or hot—in your relationship.

Instead, your willingness to say ‘yes’ and defer choices to the woman in your life will leave her dissatisfied, irritable and angry. 

Here’s the real secret to making her happyand keeping things hot

That’s because even the strongest, most capable and assertive woman still wants you to:

  • Be decisive rather than abdicating decisions to her or saying you have no preference
  • Take initiatives and show leadership in the relationship rather than simply saying yes and letting her be “the boss”
  • Have a clear opinion, and voice it instead of remaining opinion-neutral to avoid conflict
  • Be upfront about your own needs rather than asking for permission, for example, to go to the gym.

When your woman feels like she has to make the decisions, take the initiatives and give you permission, she can’t let go and relax into your relationship because she does not feel secure in your presence as a conscious, grounded man.

Hence the irritability.  And a lack of interest in sex…

But if you change these habits, she’ll relax and open up—including in bed.