Baby Unboxing Party!!

I recently got back from WWDMAGIC, which was AMAZING!!!! And I came home to a baby unboxing party!

A bunch of amazing brands had sent over some presents for my little man...which made me SO excited!!

Wanna see what they sent over?!

Yay! Because I totally wanna show you! 

First up we have these ADORABLE Cubcoats...

The McCord list cub coats cubcoats

It's a plush toy on the outside AND a sweatshirt on the inside!!

The McCord List cubcoats

Ahhh! Can you EVEN!?! It is soo cute! This is obviously the perfect gift for any miniature human!!! I know my little man will LOVE it...when he is big enough to wear it!!

Check it out here:


Next up we have gunamuna and their adorable GünaPODs and onesies! And if you know ANYTHING about me, you know little ONESIES have my whole heart!

This first one is the GunaPOD, which is a swaddle with a little weight (for a calming effect) and a zipper at the bottom (for easy diaper changing). Isn’t that ADORABLE!?

The McCord List gunamuna

Then they LOADED me up with their PRECIOUS hats (to keep his little head warm) and the onesies. Yessss! 

The McCord list

You HAVE to check them out! Their website is

I also had a box from WiggleTot. I'm not sure if you're familiar with these guys, but they have this adorable changing pad cover solution when you have to change diapers but have a little one who loves to move around! 


the mccord list mom

This detachable vest keeps your little one cozy and still/in place when you need to change that diaper. And, the germaphobe in me LOVES the changing table cover, because HEAVEN knows I would NOT be putting my little man directly on one of those gross changing tables without a little protection! 

Must have baby registry

Check them out here:

I think it's safe to say the WiggleTot is just as much about mommies as it is about babies, which totally works for this mommy-to-be... THANKS, guys!

Belly Bandit knows that you carry a LOT of weight as a mama. Literally and figuratively. So, I was super excited when they sent me their Belly Band and Gel Pack to help with those round ligament growing pains that start around the 2nd trimester! 

The McCord List mom

I‘m in my third trimester now, and don’t know how pregnant mamas carry the weight without their help!

the mccord list mom

I love them both!! They also have postpartum bands to help as your body starts to adjust after birth. I love this brand! I also had to get after some of their amazing support leggings...cause mama could use ALL the support she can get, okayyyyy?!!?

Check them out here:


Speaking of my body grows (umm HIIII...your BODY IS GROWING rapidly during pregnancy), I needed something that would help my skin look, well, not so...stretched! 

Belli Beauty knew how to win my heart when they sent over their pre-treatment scrubs, moisturizers, and stretch mark minimizing cream! Mama was super happy to get after some product that understands what is going on with her body...and is 100% vegan and cruelty-free. THANK YOU! 

 Best product stretch marks

Belli also has tons of other skincare products for your face and body! You can check out all of their AMAZING products here:

All of these body changes can be so challenging and frustrating!! Am I right, ladies?!?! Another product supporting me through them all is from Love & Fit! 

I LOVE this nursing sports bra that they sent over! It’s functional AND super cute!!! I know I'm going to get a ton of use out of this once my little one is here!!

The beauty that created Love & Fit had style AND functionality in mind. You know this future mama appreciates that!!! Thank you, loves for sending these over for me to try!

Check out Love & Fit here:


Along the lines of staying stylish throughout my pregnancy, I also wanted to share with you this adorable piece I was sent from Gift Gowns! How CUTE is this?! I can still look fab in the hospital!!! This is just one of many styles on their website! I paired the gown with the coziest slippers from Laura Ashley. I am going to be SO prepared when the big day comes!! Which is ONLY 8 weeks away!! Deep breath, deep breath.



Laura Ashley also has the most amazing home decor and other apparel for everyone in the fam! Thank you Gift Gowns and Laura Ashley for hooking me up!!

Check out both brands:

Let’s be honest, receiving these fun presents for mama is SO exciting...but you KNOW opening something up for my little man is making me SO happy!!! That’s why when Beb Organics sent over a care package complete with diaper balm (which I KNOW I’m gonna need) I got so giddy!

Baby registry

I know, I know, I sound like a nerd getting excited for diaper balm, but these things make mamas REAL happy! As do all of their other products...all of which are 100% non-GMO and carefully created in the US as cruelty-free, vegan, allergy tested and safe for newborns!

Add to baby registry

What to stockpile for baby

Check them out here:

The next box I opened up was also SO exciting! Versed Skincare is a brand I've been seeing everywhere recently. I am so freaking excited to try all these products out! Also, can we talk about how BEAUTIFUL their packaging is?? I can't be the only one who appreciates an brand aesthetic thats on point! 

Some things I love about this brand is that they are non-toxic, vegan, and cruelty-free! Super important when you are pregnant and breastfeeding. And also...umm..always.

There is a huge array of other products to check out on their website! Thank you, Versed!!!

Take a look at their website here:


I'm so excited to be getting ahead and prepared for mom life! Especially with everything happening in the world!

Another VERY helpful product are these nursing bras from Noonis! Guys!! You don't even need nursing pads with these!!! How amazing is that!? Having to worry about nursing pads and what bras I can wear has been stressing me out SO much. With that being said, thank you for making a mama's life easier, Noonis!

Image result for noonis bra

There are multiple color options available on their website. And, hello, I'll take THEM ALL please!!! 

You can check Noonis out here:


Being pregnant is TIRING!!! I know I'm going to be busy taking care of my little man soon, too. Luckily, there are skincare products that can combat my tired eyes for me!!!! Cirem uses rare actives that work MIRACLES on the skin!! I will definitely be keeping these products in my routine!

It's important to support companies who are passionate about EVERY aspect of their brand. That being said, I LOVE that Cirem manufactures here in the US and has implemented many ways to reduce their environmental footprint. We love this brand! Thank you, Cirem!

Get your hands on their amazing products here:


Speaking of self-care, there is one more thing to be taking care of, especially after the big day... Frida Mom has a specialty line just for postpartum care and THANK GOODNESS they do! Postpartum is NO joke and need to prepare our bodies AND our minds for it.

These were the FIRST items in my hospital bag, and having them products is easing my mind already. I am SURE my others new and soon-to-be-mommas will appreciate having a Frida moment as well!

Frida Mom Postpartum Recovery Essentials Kit

Thank you Frida for saving the day with these awesome products!!

You can find Frida Mom here:


As most of you know, I am local to Los Angeles! So I'm very excited to have received products from an LA-based brand! Bella Skin Beauty is an empowering company that is all about promoting women's self-care! These products are oil and botanical based, so they aren't harsh on our skin. No thank you, chemicals!!! 

Also, how CUTE is their packaging! I can't get enough of it!!

Grab some Bella Skin Beauty here:


I cannot contain my excitement for this last product! I felt so blessed to receive a stroller AND my precious car seat from Nuna!!! GUYS, Nuna is my DREAM carseat/stroller combo! I cannot express to you how excited I am to take my little man out in this! I mean let’s be honest, my Pipa Lite car seat is the FIRST thing I’m ever gonna put him in. And umm hi, if I didn’t have this, I wouldn’t make it very far out of the hospital!

Plus, having it attach perfectly to the stroller that is not only extremely safe but also stylish. Can we say “yes, please!”?

There are lots of other products on their website as well so start shopping RIGHT now. You’re gonna love it.  Thank you so much, Nuna!!!

Find Nuna products here:


Once again, I want to thank all the amazing brands that sent me product for my little one and I! Any/all of the above products would be PERFECT for your baby registry! I definitely hope you feel more prepared for mom life now! I know I do! 

Also, thank you so much to Jen Lowery for taking my incredible maternity photos (featured on the cover of this post)! I am so in love with how they turned out!  


Rachel McCord




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