7 Super Easy Tips to go From Feelin’ Lost to Epic AF

7 Super Easy Tips to go From Feelin’ Lost to Epic AF

Rachel McCord

Are you feeling lost right now? If I could count how many times I have felt like giving up...well, I guess all I would really do is supply that number in this article. Ugh okay....

Anyway...my point is...we all feel like giving up sometimes. Maybe not always. In fact, I think feeling the ups and downs is the much more common.

One day we feel like Billy McFarland (pre Fyre Festival disaster) and the next we feel like hiding in a closet ready to throw in the towel. 

So what the actual f**k are we suppose to do? 

  1. Sit down, take a deep breath and clear your mind. Remind yourself of what a freaking epic human you are. Remember that everyone (and I mean everyone) feels lost sometimes. You are going to get through this. Because you are a BOSS and you are strong than you realize. 
  2. Now ask yourself, “What can I easily give to the world? Which of my natural gifts can I effortlessly share?” Sometimes, when we just hit pause on the crazy in our own lives and start to acknowledge the power of purpose, we can move from victim to healer. Can you make 25 meals and donate them to the homeless? Are you able to spend a few hours loving on lonely animals at a shelter? Can you write an encouraging message to someone who is also struggling? When we take the light off ourselves and do good, it reminds us of just how important our life really is.
  3. Plug in those earbuds and listen to David McGraw’s positive affirmations.
  4. Get into nature...feed the birds, stretch and meditate in the park, do yoga on a beach. Whatever you have nearby...use it! Remember that this world was created for you to enjoy. You could be on your last $15, but you can still take a moment to feel gratitude for this epic planet we live on. And for the epic gift of life you are.
  5. Now grab a notepad and write a letter as your future self. I know, it’s gettin’ a little weird...but stay with me. Use this as a compass (or, more accurately, as Waze) to show you where you are heading. Talk about the things you have accomplished, the life you have created, the relationships you have, and the people you have helped along the way. Focus on the feeling this inspires in you, and hold onto it. You wouldn’t get into a car without knowing where you are heading, so why do so many of us think only about what job we want, and not about the entire vision and mission we have for our lives?
  6. Stop focusing on the problems and start trying solutions (emphasis on trying). You don’t need to have it all figured out, just take some time to make a list of everything you can do to improve your life. Whether your goal is a relationship or better career, list it all out and start mapping out ways you can accomplish it. Oh, and please don’t start with those phonet excuses like, “I can’t do this because...” I truly believe that excuses are self doubt in disguise. Success begins when you...just....f**king....do...it. It is literally that simple to start. Excuses and self doubt are free and easy. You can always come back to them (if you really want to). In the meantime, this is your season to STOP judging and START doing!
  7. Get up every morning and do 3 things that get you closer to your goals. Plan out your days and tasks the night before, so you can jump out of bed feeling motivated and full of purpose. 

Just remember...you are already a freaking miracle. The fact that two little dots became the human that is now you, is absolutely incredible. And the reality that your body can heal itself, when you get a cut or bruise, should show you just how easily your mind can heal itself, when it is given the tools it needs. 

I love you and I’m SO freaking grateful for the miracle that you are. I just hope you are too!! ❤️