Hello, I'm Andrea. Your network is your net worth. I’ve always believed this in business. ALWAYS. In my 16-year tech career, I’ve literally given keynote addresses about this, as well as how the path to success is not linear. I have also ALWAYS loved running my own businesses on top of a full-time career as a PR executive and believe that multiple revenue streams are mandatory in 2023 and beyond. So for me, it made perfect sense that when a business opportunity came along with a) some of my best friends, b) a quality/clean wellness product with a c) BILLION dollar company with an insane comp plan, it was a bit of a no-brainer. I was hesitant at first because of my own stigmas about network marketing (“that is not for me, I am not one of those women”) but quickly realized I was being archaic, ignorant and egotistical — literally every brand has affiliate and network marketing these days, it’s 2023. Once I worked through that - I soared. This has been so fun and I invite anyone to join me on this


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