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Vision     Empower women to overcome the obstacles, trauma, and adversity that holds them back, and inspire them to live their lives to the full.”

The McCord list


  • Help women believe in and love themselves unconditionally through inspiring blogs and book content 
  • Share advice and guidance through the Creative Careers Masterclass to help them build businesses around their greatest passions and purpose 
  • Provide them with tools like our Influencer/Talent e-Commerce shops and empowering photo shoot events   to help them succeed 

Rachel McCord, the mccord list

The McCord List is a female empowerment and influencer e-commerce community.

Established in 2013 and based in Los Angeles, California, we were founded by talent to help influencers and artists collaborate with inspiring brands and non-profits.

We create exclusive photo shoots, talent events and influencer e-commerce shops.

Our empowering events reach up to 100-700mm in the fashion, beauty, and lifestyle spaces.

the McCord list

Founded by Rachel McCord, a model, TV personality and entrepreneurial speaker who shares her trailer park to CEO story, to inspire creative artists to build successful businesses around entertainment and social media.

Rachel mccord

In addition to her role in The McCord List, she also released a sassy empowerment book in 2017 called Slay the Fame Game. Her step-by-step guide encourages readers to build a personal brand and break into social media/entertainment without it breaking you.

Rachel McCord

McCord also sits on the boards of a few companies in the fashion, tech, and social media spaces, leading social media and branding workshops with her soulmate and business partner, Rick Schirmer.

The McCord list

Her work has been recognized internationally by Vogue, Entrepreneur, Forbes, NBC, and Glamour Magazine, amongst others. 

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McCord is called the “Inspiring” (NBC) influencer of influencers, for her passionate work to empower those struggling with depression, anxiety, poverty, trauma, and self doubt.

Her personal story of overcoming trauma and becoming a leader in fashion, entertainment, and social media is a message she artfully incorporates into interviews and talks that “Provide real wisdom and advice to help brands be successful.” (VP, Chick-Fil-A).

Rachel mccord speaking

For more on Rachel McCord or to create your own e-commerce shop with The McCord List, please say “hello @themccordlist.com”


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