Listen and Heal...3 Tips to Make Sure Your Body Feels Amazing!

Listen and Heal...3 Tips to Make Sure Your Body Feels Amazing!

Katelyn Dowse

Self Care...

I know when enough is enough. I know when I need time to heal. I know when I need a break. How do I know? I listen to my body. Your body is a temple and that temple needs to be taken care of. The body itself works so hard, especially when you’re a “busy body” like me. Everyone needs to care for themselves, and I am going to give you a few tips on how I make sure my body is feeling right.

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First, you can probably guess what I am about to say, I make sure to eat healthy, balanced meals. This doesn’t mean that I never eat bad (believe me- I do), but if you do eat something not-as-healthy or “junk”, it is all about moderation. 

If you are someone who likes to keep track of your calories, carbs, sugars, etc. I am not one who will tell you what's right or wrong. I use to do that when I was losing weight. Now, I have gotten to the point I don’t need to do that because I eat what makes me and my body feel better. I don’t overeat (most of the time haha), I don’t try and starve myself, I just simply try to my best to concentrate on the good nutrients versus the bad. 

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Also, a major factor for me is that I am a Type 1 Diabetic, so I have to watch certain things. This doesn’t mean I can’t have sugar (that’s the number one assumption), it just means I really have to take certain foods into moderation (high carbs and sugars mainly).

The second thing I do to help make sure my body feels right is exercise. I am like a lot of other people in the fact that when I see the word “exercise”, I immediately want to roll my eyes, but lately, my eyes haven’t been rolling as much, ha. 

Exercise doesn’t just mean going to a gym, or running, or lifting weights. It could just be a good walk, or going to a class. More recently I have been going to hot yoga, pilates, and barre classes. I will say I enjoy hot yoga more than anything else, but what gets me motivated is seeing the roll it has been playing with improving my body. After I get out of class, I feel better about myself. Seeing the results as I continue is an amazing feeling as well. 

If you want to try a class, I recommend taking a friend who is also interested, and you can make exercising a “friend date” thing! 

The last thing that I will always make time for is relaxing. When I say “relaxing”, I don’t mean just sitting around doing nothing and wasting the day away. I mean finding things that help me calm myself and I enjoy doing. Some things for me are listening to music, writing, drawing, reading, cooking, yoga, playing with my dog, and even taking a walk. 

When I lived in Los Angeles, I lived in the downtown area, right across from the convention center. If I had time to do nothing, I would put in my headphones and just walk LA Live all the way from the convention center to the “Figat7th” shopping center. It would clear my head and be a good source of exercise. 

If I could do anything right now to relax, I would take a trip to the beach without hesitation. The beach for me is like my safe haven. It is pure serenity… As you can see, there are many things to do in order to relax. It is all about who you are and what your body needs. 

Listen to your body and take the time to heal. I cannot express how important it is for your health. To review, the 3 steps I have left you with today are:

  1. Eat right, moderation is key
  2. Exercise, find a routine you love
  3. Relax, take time to yourself

I hope you enjoyed reading, I know I enjoyed sharing! Leaving everyone with my best love,

Katelyn Cartier Dowse <3

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