The healing benefits of the Dead Sea..ummm in ISRAEL! 

July 1, 2018
Meeting with Tulip Natural
July 3, 2018

The healing benefits of the Dead Sea..ummm in ISRAEL! 

The healing benefits of the Dead Sea..ummm in ISRAEL!

OKAY loves, I can’t even. I went to the DEAD SEA!!! The lowest place on EARTH (1,412 feet below sea level)

It was an AMAZING experience! Because the water is so salty, you naturally float. It would be a perfect place to learn to swim (lol) because you literally can’t drown. It feels like God is just holding you up. It’s beyond epic!

As if feeling like I was in a painting wasn’t good ENOUGH…Minus 417 made the experience even MORE memorable and unforgettable.

The day started with a presentation by the brand sharing the benefits to their products + those of the Dead Sea. This includes:


  • Purifies

  • Firms, tones and tightens

  • Helps skin renewal and cell regeneration

  • Nourishes

  • Activates the circulatory system and oxygenates the skin

  • Exfoliates and draws out toxins

  • Scientifically proven to repair dry or unbalanced skin and skin with any type of inflammatory condition


Followed by a mud treatment and hanging in the heated water pool filled with salt, sulfur pool, sauna, jacuzzi, and of course floating in the Dead Sea for as LONG as possible! 🙂

This place is soo incredible! PLUS my skin is legit SO soft thanks to -417!! Like I can’t EVEN!

Minus 417 provides skincare & body products with minerals from the Dead Sea…this is unheard of, and seriously so AMAZING.

All of the products contain rich minerals from this unbelievable place and it makes all difference.

Before I even realized we were meeting with the handsome founder, Monti (please double check the spelling on his name), I used -417 products in my hotel and loved them SO much, I brought the body lotion with me throughout the day to stay moisturized. It’s amazing and so is their team!

I had the best time hanging with them and learning about this incredible brand. Be sure to pickup all of their products, but ESPECIALLY the Mud Body Wrap!


Rachel McCord

Hosted by: Israel Economic Mission and Israel Export institute

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