The perfect gift for her (OR HIM)!

Meeting with Tulip Natural
July 3, 2018
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July 5, 2018

The perfect gift for her (OR HIM)!

The perfect gift for her (OR HIM)!

While I was on my tour through Tel Aviv, Israel, hosted by the Israel Economic Mission and Israel Export institute, I legit had soooo much fun meeting new beauty and fashion brands, and helping them think through ways to grow.

One of these amazing brands was Spring Perfume. They are a perfume (obvi, lol), cosmetic, and home fragrance product company, who creates some of the best smelling products EVER!

They sell on Amazon, so even though you can support a local Israeli brand when shopping…you can still get it super fast! Which is obviously necessary!


I loved the owner and the product! And legit had the best time smelling, testing, and trying the products. This is the perfect pick for gifts, especially their candle in Precious Ebony…it’s ah-mazingggg!!

Check them out HERE on social!



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