Break chains, live your DreamLife!

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What on earth is a DreamList?
February 27, 2014
The McCord List Sisters

by: Rachel McCord

My journey through life and love leading up to today has been filled with ups and downs. I   never imagined that life could be beautiful. I always felt like a colorful hot air balloon, dreaming of soaring through life and laughter, but, instead, I felt crippled and held down by heavy chains. Chains that felt so much bigger than me.

Would it shock you if I confessed that two years ago I was depressed? I was trying to hold onto joy like someone trying to grasp raindrops. My heart hurt so much. My life felt empty, lacking purpose. I felt dead inside.
The reason I am sharing this? I overcame it! Years of abuse and then being molested for another one and a half years by someone I trusted more than my own family… I overcame it. What a joy it was the day my chains broke free. I am now free to chase my dreams! I am free to run, laugh, dance and live the live of my dreams!
Believe me, it didn’t happen overnight. In fact, I began researching every self help book I could find for ten and a half years. That’s right. Beginning at age twelve, I began a journey, discovering the difference in changing yourself to be acceptable and simply accepting yourself.
This blog is dedicated to all the girls out there who are struggling to love themselves. Struggling to fit in. To feel beautiful and talented. For any girl who has felt like she isn’t good enough because of the social class she grew up in, the way she looks, the way she acts, or how she feels… this blog is for you. My gift. I understand you. I get it. Trust me, I really do.
I encourage you to join The McCord List. Claim your power, improve your Life! Host a fun #PillowParty and get inspired with your besties (while bonding over spa treatments and pillow talk).

You are worth it. Today can be the beginning of a true life. You are not a victim. You are powerful. You are strong. You are loved! You are a beautiful lady, just waiting to soar!

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