Hello, I'm Rachel McCord , I've had an incredible journey from humble beginnings in Georgia to where I am today. My passion for entrepreneurship and branding has taken me to platforms like "Elevator Pitch" and "Female Founders," where I share my expertise and advice with entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide. With my southern work ethics and never-give-up mentality, I developed my expertise in branding, campaign launches, and influencer marketing that has earned me acclaim in eye-catching publications such as CNN, Vogue, Forbes, Entrepreneur, and was named "Master of Branding" by the Daily Mail. My dedication to being authentic, resilient, and committed to my vision has been an essential part of my journey. Today, it's my mission to help aspiring entrepreneurs achieve their full potential, no matter where they come from or what they do.


Founder/CEO @TheMcCordList Executive Producer/Host
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Inspiring women to build
a CONFIDENT life! FitnessPro +
Nutritionist 20+ years
"Female Founders"


A little grit, A little glam CA girl in NYC hair consultant by night
"Female Founders"


"Female Founders" Former ICU nurse turned wellness junkie ❤️‍🩹 Naturally healing my PTSD with breathwork