Acting Classes

Through a combination of hands-on courses, internships, and real-work experience, students receive career accelerative training by award-winning artists, business executives, industry leaders, influencers, and celebrities.

Programs ($2,500 per election):

  • Business: Fashion & Entertainment (required)
  • Advanced Business
  • Fashion Design
  • Social Media & Influencer Marketing
  • Modeling
  • Event Management & Marketing
  • Fashion Styling
  • Photography & Videography
  • Hair & Makeup
  • Acting


fashion design school los angeles


  • STRATEGY (GSTM) - Overall development of career track and planning
  • BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT (GBDM) - Business fundamentals and development
  • BRANDING (GBM) - Brand overview and creation
  • PORTFOLIO (GPM) - Development of assets and brand development
  • MARKETING & SOCIAL MEDIA 101 (GMSMM) - Marketing strategy and social media planning
  • CONTENT CREATION (GCCM) - Advertising campaign and content creation
  • SALES (GSAM) - Sales and conversions for developed brands
    • 60-HOUR INTERNSHIP REQUIREMENT (G60IM) - Hands-on training and internship


    Succeeding in the fashion and entertainment industries requires a well-rounded understanding of the business itself. This Program is a pre-requisite for the following Specialized Trainings, in order to fully prepare students to excel in their chosen vocation. The McCord List Institute focus is to provide preparation for all sides of the Fashion & Entertainment Business.


    The Business of Fashion & Entertainment Program challenges students to be resourceful and assertive in business while teaching the foundation of business strategy, fundamentals and development, brand building, sales and marketing, social media, networking, content creation, design and presentation decks, events, and more.


    Please note: We highly recommend following up with the ADVANCED BUSINESS OF FASHION & ENTERTAINMENT Program, to learn more about how to apply the foundation in your chosen career


    Photography school los angeles


    • ADVANCED BRAND ACCELERATION (ABT) - Custom planning and strategy development
    • NETWORK DEVELOPMENT (ANDT) - Media network development and outreach
    • ADVANCED PR & MARKETING (APMT) - PR and marketing activation
    • ADVANCED SALES (AST) - Sales execution and goal setting


    Students, who successfully complete the Business of Fashion & Entertainment I Program, are invited to select the Advanced Business of Fashion & Entertainment (II) 3-month Program, for more advanced training and career preparation.


    The Advanced Business of Fashion & Entertainment (II) provides students with in-depth training and experience, in the important application of industry tools and assets. Accelerate career goals with detailed experience in branding and business development, eCommerce, product sourcing, media network building, outreach, advanced PR & marketing, advanced sales and booking, and more.

    fashion styling school


    • Design principles
    • Drawing and illustration
    • Pattern making
    • Clothing construction and design
    • Textile science and selection
    • Presentation show


    Our Fashion Design Program teaches the clothing design process from concept to creation and presentation. All students are instructed on design principles, pattern making, clothing construction, and textile science and selection by influential industry leaders.


    Hands-on fabric and product sourcing opportunities are also made available for hands-on instruction and experience. Students are given the opportunity to show their collections to The McCord List Institute and influencer community.


    influencer marketing


    • Social media growth
    • Brand Ambassadorship
    • Collaborations and networking
    • Advertising
    • Split testing (A and B)


    Monetizing through content creation and social media influence is the difference between having a business or a hobby in entertainment. The McCord List Institute Program on Social Media & Influencer Marketing invites students on a creative journey of brand creation and promotion.


    Developed for Social Media Influencers, Bloggers, Celebrities, and Content Creators, this Program is a great addition to the Modeling Program. Learn to think like a Marketing and PR Executive while remaining creative, edgy, and in demand as an artist. Students will learn how to create engaging content, promote on social media, work with brands, pitch themselves for product giveaways, grow professional brands, and more.


     how to model


    • Modeling overview
    • Photoshoot etiquette
    • Posing
    • Runway
    • Informal modeling
    • Working with brands


    With celebrities like Gigi Hadid, Kendall Jenner, and Olivia Culpo covering fashion magazines, red carpets, and television shows, the modeling industry is hotter than ever; as is the competition.


    The McCord List Institute Program for Models is designed to accelerate and launch your modeling career by blending the required basics with the most current trends and practices. Taught by the influential trendsetters and influencers in today’s media, students will learn how to walk in runway shows, informal modeling, pose on photoshoots, and appear on camera.

    Please note: Strong social media influence is now a requirement for successful modeling careers. We highly recommend the Modeling Program with a concentration on SOCIAL MEDIA & INFLUENCER MARKETING (SSMIMA).


    event management



    • Event planning strategy and overview
    • Vendor and venue selection
    • Timelines and planning
    • Brand collaborations
    • Invites and guest list


    The Event Management & Marketing Program provides in-depth training and experience in all aspects of event planning. Students learn how to create timelines and outlines, design big ideas, identify and manage vendors, work with brand sponsors, etc.


    Please note: We highly recommend following up with the SOCIAL MEDIA & INFLUENCER MARKETING (SSMIMA) Program, to learn more about how to promote events on social media and to secure brand sponsors for your events.


    fashion styling los angeles


    • Styling overview and vocation options
    • Identify your style
    • Personal styling
    • Wardrobe and fashion styling
    • Showroom pulls
    • Set styling
    • Budget-conscious fashion


    Designing an outfit is about creatively directing a vision and properly executing on it. It requires the Fashion Stylist to think commercially while thinking outside the box and maintaining their own personal vision.


    In this Program, students will learn how to style talent and clients while taking a stronger perspective and learning what it means to be a true Creative Director. Students will receive weekly hands-on, educational opportunities with celebrity photographers and talent at photoshoots. Learn to direct and design lookbooks, outfits, wardrobe, models, shows, shot lists, hair & makeup mood boards, and more.


    Please note: We highly recommend following up with the SOCIAL MEDIA & INFLUENCER MARKETING (SSMIMA) Program, to learn how to promote your brand on social media.

    Photography courses california


    • Basic photography and videography overview
    • Photoshoot experience
    • Creative direction
    • Editing


    Success in Photography and Videography is to see art others miss and capture it on camera. The McCord List Institute Program for Photographers and Videographers begins outside the classroom. Our students are provided rare opportunities to work with Stylists, Hair and Makeup Artists, Influencers, and Celebrities to capture stories and train their creative eye.


    Students learn photoshoot etiquette, shooting techniques, guidance on taking creative risks, editing, working with models and talent, and more.


    makeup courses hollywood california


    • Hair and makeup overview
    • Hairstyling
    • Makeup tutorials
    • Set etiquette and experience


    The Hair and Makeup Program at The McCord List Institute focus directly on the technique and practices required to excel in styling on camera and on set for film and television.


    Our talented educational artists are experienced on television shows, photoshoots, theatre, and red carpet events. Students will learn how to style hair, apply makeup, follow current trends, create portfolios, test out challenging techniques, grow as an artist, and more.


    Please note: We highly recommend following up with the FASHION STYLING (SFSA) and SOCIAL MEDIA & INFLUENCER MARKETING (SSMIMA) Programs, to learn how to provide complete photoshoot support and to promote your business on social media.

    acting classes los angeles


    • Acting overview
    • Improv
    • Comedy
    • Drama
    • Auditioning
    • Acting technique


    Students selecting the Acting Program at The McCord List Institute will be instructed on technique in drama, comedy, and improv.


    Students will learn about auditioning, securing an agent/manager, booking gigs, set etiquette, and on-camera technique from industry leaders and speakers in the field.

    Please note: We highly recommend following up with the HAIR & MAKEUP (SHMA) and SOCIAL MEDIA & INFLUENCER MARKETING (SSMIMA) Programs, to learn how to prepare your looks for auditions and low-budget projects and to promote your portfolio on social media.



    Tuition and fees…………………………...….$2,400 per 100-hour (3-month) program

    Nonrefundable application fee…….........….$100


    Total due………………….$2,700