A Game Changer

"Working with Rachel and The McCord List team has been a game changer for the MAGIC event. Her thought leadership and marketing expertise provided during the live show programming have helped thousands of fashion retailers and brands evolve their businesses."
Kelly Helfman
President of Coterie | MAGIC | Project
Branding: Define Your Personal Brand

Defining Your Personal Brand

Learn the importance of personal branding, identify your unique value proposition, craft your story, and create a brand style guide for consistent messaging and visual elements. Build your personal brand successfully and stand out in a crowded marketplace. Learn how to effectively interact with the media, convey your message, and handle difficult situations during interviews or public appearances.
Marketing: Build Your Audience & Online Presence

Building Your Online Presence

Promote your personal brand effectively through website/blog development, social media setup, engaging content creation, SEO techniques, and on-camera or media training for live selling.

Networking and Collaborations

Identify industry leaders and key influencers, network at events and conferences, collaborate with others to expand reach and credibility, and use public speaking and guest blogging opportunities to establish yourself as an authority in your field.
Media Training: On-Camera Cameras & Live Selling Trends

Creating a Sales Funnel

Learn the basics of a sales funnel and how it can help you make money. Create a lead magnet, landing page, and email campaign to nurture leads. Convert leads into paying customers with a sales page or offer.


Learn the strategies and techniques needed for successful live selling, from building a loyal audience to creating engaging content that drives conversions.

Scaling Your Business

Understand the importance of scalability in growing your business. Explore passive income streams and opportunities for automation, develop a team or outsource tasks to free up time for growth. Expand your reach and revenue by exploring new markets or offerings.

Don't miss out on the chance to build your audience and online presence! Unlock your potential and build a powerful personal brand that will bring you:

  • Improved personal branding: Define your brand, boost recognition and reputation.
  • Increased audience reach: Build your online presence, crucial for marketing success.
  • Better media skills: Gain comfort on camera and in live selling trends.
  • More effective marketing: Enhance personal branding and audience reach for better marketing.
  • Enhanced communication skills: Speak confidently for personal and professional gains.
  • More job opportunities: Strong online presence can lead to career growth.
  • Increased sales: Media training can increase effectiveness of selling online
  • Improved online reputation: Build a strong online presence for trust and opportunities.
  • Greater confidence: Develop personal brand, audience and media skills for confidence.
  • Competitive advantage: Gain edge over others through personal branding and media skills.
Masters in Brand Accelerator Packages

All packages include general access to live events and seminars.

Brand Master

  • Weekly Update to Course Material
  • Access to Rachel's Resource Library
  • Rachel's 1-on-1 Workshop Kit
  • Once a Month Online Seminars
  • Access to Exclusive Industry Expert Interviews
  • The McCord List Community Group

Brand Rockstar

  • Everything in Brand Masters
  • Small Group Monthly Online Meet-up
  • Q&A With Rachel McCord
  • Exclusive Content and Rachel's Resource Library
  • Media and Influencer List

Brand Superhero

  • Everything in Brand Rockstar
  • Brand Building Workshops with Rachel and Industry Experts
  • McCord List Endorsement and Feature on Website Networking Opportunities
  • VIP In-person and Virtual Networking Opportunities and Events

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