Official National Rosé Day by Bodvár

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June 5, 2018
SKINDINAVIA at The McCord List
June 19, 2018

Official National Rosé Day by Bodvár

Official National Rosé Day by Bodvár 

Loves! What an amazing weekend! Lot’s of things happened but…

Saturday was National Rosé Day … so I don’t think it gets much better than that!!!

There was a beautiful event in Marina Del Rey, hosted by Mr. & Mrs. Bodvar Hafstrom. They are the founders of National Rosé Day so they SLAY alllllll day, everyday!

YUM! Everything was so beautiful, fun, and amazing. The weather was truly perfect and everyone was dressed in the pink & white theme! BTW if you haven’t tried Bodvar Rosé you are seriously MISSING OUT, it’s AMAZE.

I never even knew National Rosé day was a thing!! Did you?!

We all know how amazing it is, and who doesn’t want to spend a warm day outside with a glass of freshly chilled rosé…but an entire national holiday for it?!

Who knew. It did make my life way  better celebrating it though, LOL!

I hope you all had an amazing weekend, XO.



I got to Netflix and Chill HARDCORE on Sunday, but I left that part out …

SO I hope you had an amazing and RELAXING weekend 😉

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