I am DEFINITELY feeling the EcoLove

The perfect gift for her (OR HIM)!
July 5, 2018
A Day with Studio Noa: Tel Aviv, Israel
July 5, 2018

I am DEFINITELY feeling the EcoLove

I am DEFINITELY feeling the EcoLove


Babes! I got the chance to wake up in Israel and meet EcoLove, a company created by two AMAZING women, with a heart to create products that are great for the body and full of love. Our Israel hosts, the Israel Economic Mission and Israel Export institute. DEFINITELY knew what they were doing when they chose this brand to meet with me!

The ingredients are clean and SO good for your body (I legit can’t believe how healthy they are):

Vegetable Extracts

Salt from the Dead Sea


Aloe Vera

Olive Oil

Shea Butter

and Plants!

I mean…YASSSS!!! Oh, and all of the products are AMAZING. They provide body-friendly hair and body products that you NEEED, trust me! Oh, and it doesn’t suck that the founders are so amazing and I fell madly in love!

Check out their products HERE , if you want products with ingredients you can actually pronounce!


Rachel McCord

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