Meeting the S-Schwartz Natural Cosmetics Company

A Day with Studio Noa: Tel Aviv, Israel
July 5, 2018

Meeting the S-Schwartz Natural Cosmetics Company

Meeting the S-Schwartz Natural Cosmetics Company

Lovelies! I want to tell you a little bit about The S-Schwartz Natural Cosmetics Company!

It was such an honor, the company is located in the northern desert in Israel, with TONS of minerals from the Dead Sea. So, the natural ingredients provided from the earth and S-Schwartz combine and now their products have been used for family remedies (skin treatments, oils for moisturizing and nourishing, shampoo/hair products).

Today, the company is a leading cosmetic line with VEGAN (YAS) and natural products. I wish you could smell the UNREAL fragrances (but you will when you buy everything because it is SO amazing) !!!

The S-Schwartz Natural Cosmetics Company is passionate about the products they create and they put all of their love and energy into each bottle.  

Buy the products HERE & enjoy!




Hosted by: Israel Economic Mission and Israel Export institute

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