Imani Collective x The McCord List

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May 22, 2018
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May 24, 2018

Imani Collective x The McCord List

Imani Collective x The McCord List

Loves! I want to introduce one of the most amazing brand’s that was at The McCord List Photoshoot and Luxury Gifting Suite Event this month!

Imani Collective is a company that was founded with a vision to create meaningful employment and  opportunity for individuals in Kenya.

Imani Collective is not just a company, it is a huge heart filled with dreams and desires.

They provide homemade, nontoxic pillows and other home decorations. Imani Collective is a family, made up of risk takers and hard workers who are passionate about pursuing a holistic approach to empowerment. Imani Collective stays true to its roots and highlights that “we aren’t just better together — we’re our best together.”

It was so, extremely honorable having the brand intertwine with my personal community. This is how we all keep growing, this is why we need to stick together and build each other up.


With Lots of Love,


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