How to be a BOSS

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How to be a BOSS

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How to be a BOSS

Well, first off you have to acknowledge that you already are a boss because if you’re reading this… you know you CAN be, so you’re halfway there girl! But really, I am so proud of the girls who know the potential they have and the fact that they WILL achieve their goals.

OK now moving onto the real stuff. In order to accomplishing being a boss, you have to plan.

girls who plan, bossPlanning and writing out your thoughts are so crucial to take next steps. What comes hand in hand with planning is creating deadlines.

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If you don’t create deadlines for yourself, let’s be real you’re never gonna do it. So write it down, set a time limit, and get it done. You got this, duh.

My last “how to” on being a boss, is DO IT. You’ve been thinking about that idea, you wanted to tell someone about that, you think this is missing in the world, you want to create that. Well, do it. Stop holding back, stop saying “later,” stop all of the negative thoughts or doubts. Nothing will ever get done if you don’t just do it. Whatever it may be, DO IT. 

I believe in you and I encourage you.

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