High Heel Hero Saves the Day

Massages at The McCord List, by COPPER+CRANE
May 22, 2018
Imani Collective x The McCord List
May 22, 2018

High Heel Hero Saves the Day

High Heel Hero Saves the Day

Duh, what else is new? High Heel Hero’s CBD infused foot balm is meant to stop inflammation.

High Heels + Photoshoot + Champagne = High Heel Hero Saves the Day

Once again…duh! At The McCord List event on May 19th, we were all SO thankful for this life changing CBD foot balm because we were in so much pain! You would think the champagne part would help, but not so sure about that one! So, again, thank G-D for this.

The second you feel pain from your heels, we’ve all been there feeling bruised and all, you simply rub High Heel Hero on the bottom of your foot and it is automatically numb. In the best way possible.

Thankfully to High Heel Hero, The McCord List Photoshoot and Event was filled with photos, friends, champagne, and painless feet!

I also love rubbing it on at night, before bed, to help relieve my toesies before the next day, trust me your life just got a lot better with this secret 😉

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