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June 19, 2018
A natural ingredient you need in EVERY beauty product you own!
June 29, 2018



Oh my gosh, loves. I am writing to you from Tel Aviv right now! Can you believe it?! I’m in Israel!!

This is SUCH a beautiful place, one I’ve always dreamed of going to.

I was SO excited when my friend, Caitlyn Chase referred me to the Israel Economic Mission and Israel Export institute, to fly to Tel Aviv and meet with local beauty and fashion brands…

Ummm…twist my arm!!! 🙂

I immediately accepted their invitation, and I COULDN’T be happier that I did! The ladies hosting us, who work with the Israel government and export institute are SO much fun and absolutely amazing!!

Today, we began our morning with breakfast at the beautiful 65 Hotel.

Followed by an incredible meeting and 3 in 1 facial treatment by Pollogen. Pollogen uses proven technology and their INCREDIBLE track record as leading beauty experts, to develop proprietary products that help your skin with anti-aging, nutrition, oxygen, and removal of cellulite.

We learned there’s technology that ACTUALLY works to reverse the signs of aging and boost the brightness of your face, by activating enzymes within your body to produce more oxygen.

Is you aren’t familiar with their incredible products, I highly recommend checking them out. Their professional systems are in many salons around the world, or you can even purchase their at-home products, like Stop and Stop V, online. 🙂

P.S. whether you’ve been to Israel or not, follow me on Instagram if you want to come with me as I meet new brands, tour different areas of the country, and give you the tips and trends I’m learning first hand from Israeli merchants.


Rachel McCord

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