“Preserving Your Bloom” – Iris Ruth Pastor
May 24, 2018
A Fun Day at the Shiseido Beach House
June 5, 2018



Loves!! I am SO excited. I am doing a giveaway this week! It includes these goodies:

1. Moschino + Sephora Makeup Brushes
This is AMAZE and one of the best collabs…EVER. The brushes are so soft I am obsessed.
2. STS Blue tights
My fav!!! Spice up any outfit with these tights ladies!
3. Ronniemjewelry Intention Bracelet
I LOVE this bracelet, it is so cute and creative.
4. ANJALI MD balancing lotion
Seriously the BEST lotion I have used.
5. The Uncommon Green LA map cup
It is SO cute and you can custom create any map! Do you die ?!!!
6. Gunnar computed eyewear
“Perform Beyond. Protect Your Eyes.” I mean…YAS.
7. Purlisse coconut oil + coffee sugar body scrub
I don’t even think I need to explain this one…AMAZING.
8. PEACE OUT skin care
Also…the best ever!!!
9. Slay The Fame Game book
Because OBVI?! It wouldn’t be a giveaway from me if I didn’t get to give you my book 🙂


Rachel McCord

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