Meeting the S-Schwartz Natural Cosmetics Company
July 6, 2018
September 3, 2018



Babes…this one is MAJOR! SO many goodies!

1. bloom mineral beauty products
My skin is LITERALLY the softest after these
2. pulsaderm acne clearing eraser
This eraser does magic!!
3. bioderma moisturizing concentrate
The best!!!
4. sephora grey clay mask
THE BEST thing to do on a day off!!
5. vanity planet wild woman activated charcoal clay mask
Girls NIGHT?!
6. savvy travelers packet
Literally ALL you need in your life!!
7. sephora eyelash curler
HOW? Curls SO good!
8. lemonhead products
Do you have a favorite flavor?
9. zit no more acne treatment
THANK GOD for this!
10. la roche-posay purifying foaming cream
My routine is not the same without it! LOVE LOVE LOVE!
11. bh cosmetics lipstick
Where else would you find THESE many colors?
12. Slay the Fame Game book
Because OBVI?! It wouldn’t be a giveaway from me if I didn’t get to give you my book

​LOVE you ALL! 

XO, Rach

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