A natural ingredient you need in EVERY beauty product you own!
June 29, 2018
The healing benefits of the Dead Sea..ummm in ISRAEL! 
July 2, 2018




BABES! I am doing another giveaway and it is FILLED with the best presents:

1. Skindinavia products
THE BEST- I don’t even need to explain…just look on my Insta! Trust me, you NEED.
BottumzUP Ladies…we all need these every once in a while 😉
The best, mess-free GLITTER !!! I meeeeannn…YAS.
4. Hello Beautiful Products
5. OKO lifestyle bracelet
“Equipping people to Overcome, demonstrating acts of Kindness and giving Opportunity to those who need it most.” – The cutest company…ever!
6. Lightening Bolt Necklace
Who doesn’t want one?!
7. Varis Smoother Flat Iron
You guys…my hair…is SAVED. This is LEGIT the best flat iron EVER.
8. Slay The Fame Game Book
OBVI…once again.
XO, Rach.


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