Carry your zen in your designer digs!

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July 30, 2014
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August 5, 2014

Carry your zen in your designer digs!

By: Rachel McCord.

Ladies (and fabulous gents), I have been on a soul searching, life-giving trip that is changing the way I do each day.

I have always been a go-getter, door-knocker, all or nothing kind of chick, paying little attention to my body’s warning signs of slow-the-F-down.

Finally, as expected, I crashed! I reached my point of go zen or go home.

Well, I went zen (for like 3 weeks) and have now come home. My head is a little like, “what!?”

How do I bring all the amazing things I learned into my incredible life of parties, red carpets, fashion and all things fabulous?

I think the answer is to bring zen in my designer digs. All I have to do (in a moment by moment basis) is remember to bring my peace with me everywhere and to take the time I need when I get overwhelmed. And, not to judge myself when I get overwhelmed by things most would call epic!

So, how can you bring zen in your designer digs as you live the red carpet at home? Would love to be in the know by your comments below!

Rachel McCord’s Featured Look:
Jacket: Cockpit USA
Hat: Goorin Bros
Shoes: Fox’s

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