What I WISH Someone Had Told Me About My Baby’s Birth

What I WISH Someone Had Told Me About My Baby’s Birth

Rachel McCord

The other day, my girlfriend (37 weeks pregnant) was telling me how nervous she was for what was coming...

”Should I do an epidural?”

”What do I need to know about the delivery?”

”What can I expect in the room?”

”I’ve heard HORROR stories...I don’t want a C section...”

I don’t really know what comes over me when I hear stuff like this...but my big sister/mama bear side comes in strong and I HAVE to help in anyway I can. 

After writing her a text stream NOVEL, I realized you might have some of the same questions...sooo I figured I would send you what I wrote her!

I’m hoping this helps you feel empowered when you go in for the best, most memorable day of your life!!!

Your birth story is gonna be amazinggg! I should have spent more time prepping for a newborn life! 


Don’t stress about them to get the strength for birth. I think they matter more for postpartum. I wish I had done more for that reason.

When you are DETERMINED to push that baby out...that matters way more! My love was 9lbs SUNNY SIDE UP...but I wasn’t gonna take no for an answer, and I pushed for 2 hours. Just when I thought I couldn’t go on, my doctor told me he was crowning! Then I got another burst of energy!



Here’s the deal...you’re gonna sleep sooo well on the epidural. I went with it AS SOON as I could. And even though I am still a little sore (after 9 weeks) in that area...I would still do it again. The epidural gave me the best rest I had had in over a month or two.

Just make sure you have an eye mask and WAX ear plugs. Ignore everyone who comes in the room and REST. Eat as much as you can before. I was so nervous I couldn’t eat that morning and I was STARVING. I drank sooo much chicken broth. If possible, eat a lot the hours leading up to the hospital arrival...and pack yummy snacks.


My best advice for the birth...

Look at it like an obstacle course:

First: COVID test (hello, pandemic)

Second: enough contractions for epidural

Third: epidural injection

Fourth: pushing

Fifth: recovery and adjustment to this new life (this is still happening...and likely will be for the next, I don’t know....50 years!?)

It breaks it up and makes it very doable



Once it’s time to push, take a deep breath, kiss your babe and have a little moment...this is your last moments of just the two of you. Feel them.

Then...push like a BOSS. I let my epidural fare out so I could feel the urge. I was SO scared when I heard that people did that, but it was honestly amazing because you mainly feel PRESSURE and your body’s urge takes over. It’s almost like you couldn’t fight it, even if you wanted to.

It’s not like this crazy pain I expected. It’s just a TON of pressure. And it feels REALLY good to push. That’s important because you want to make pushing a game. You just push with EVERYTHING you have and then REST in between each contraction.

Close your eyes. Ignore everyone.... the BEST advice I got was this: NO ONE is responsible to give you the birth you won’t except for you. Don’t rely on the doctor, nurses, or even your birth partner. Just go inside yourself. Pray. And believe in your supermama abilities. It’s empowering. And it’s real.


Just take it one contraction at a time. Don’t get too fixated on the end game. Every moment will feel as magical as it is...in hindsight. Haha! Probably NOT in the moment.

I had a picture of my baby’s ultrasound to look at when I was feeling tired. With everyone push encourage yourself like “Oh my gosh...he’s almost out”.


Game changer...

VISUALIZE him coming out. That’s ALL I kept seeing. I didn’t know it was 2 hours. I had NO concept. I legit just went into psycho BOSS BETCH mode. Hahah. I was legit thinking...“I’m PUSHING this baby out!!!!!!!!”

My doctor said 9 out of 10 births, with a baby that size, sunny side up, in someone with gestational diabetes would have ended up with a C section. But she said, “When I came in the room and saw the determination on your face, I knew you were going to be able to push him out so I didn’t even prep the O.R.”

You just picture that little nugget coming out and being placed on your chest. And, mama, know that I’m sooo freaking here for you!! I promise you! You’ve effin GOT this!


A POSITIVE birth story...

If you are STILL reading...I know you’re into this topic. So check this out. It’s a birth story to visualize for yourself!


ps...it might not be pretty...but it will be the beginning of the great love story you’ve ever known!


rachel mccord