We are NESTING for baby!! An organic mattress review on Nest Bedding!

We are NESTING for baby!! An organic mattress review on Nest Bedding!

Rachel McCord

In case you haven’t noticed ALL OVER social media...I’m having a BABY! I am freaking out a little! Rick and I are SO excited!! 

We are due in May! And, while I think another mommy-to-be would wait until later to nest...I literally can’t wait!

In fact, I am all set to go on KTLA next Friday to share “The McCord List of Mommy Must-Haves.” Who would have thought that being on bedrest while dealing with hyperemesis gravidarum (which is severe morning sickness), would have made time for me to do all the research on the must-haves and must-nots! God works all things together for good!

What to add to baby registry

That’s why, when I discovered Nest for MY nest...I was thrilled! They manufacture everything in the USA, with organic, natural products.

Rachel mccord baby mom must haves
It’s stressful finding the right mattress because...umm, hi...sleep is insanely important (especially with baby on the way) but they have over 5000 reviews on their website with people (like me) who love them! 

I obviously HAD to check them out! Rick connected with their team and before I knew it, we were choosing a little Nest surprise for EVERYONE in our family...

Rick and I traded our queen bed (finally) for a king (pictured below...it is absolutely gorgeous, right?). We moved the queen bed to our nursery, so guests would have a spot to stay when they come visit.

Best mattress

For the mattress on our king frame, we went with the Alexander Signature Hybrid, in Internal Split Luxury Firm & Plush. Which basically means Rick’s side is firm while mine is plush.

Organic comfortable mattress 


They have three main options: plush, medium, and luxury firm. And three internal split options:  medium and luxury firm, plush and medium, and the one we chose, plush and luxury firm.

I love ours! My side is like a marshmallow and Rick’s is sooo good I sometimes bump him over too! It’s amazing! :) 

Rachel mccord

We also got the Organic Cotton Luxury Sheet Set in white. And I love them because they are CRAZY comfy and retail for only around $120.

We weren’t the only ones who got spoiled either! Giggles and Munchkin FELL IN LOVE with Nest for dogs! I mean...it’s next level. You can quote me that it’s the BEST DOG BED I’ve ever seen. Munchkin doesn’t even care if she’s not in my lap anymore (which kinda makes me sad...but worth it for her to be happy!). She literally RUNS for her Nest after our walks, and spends the entire day in it. It’s crazy. I genuinely feel bad that I hadn’t gotten it for them sooner!

Best dog beds

Last but definitely not least...my sweet baby boy got his own crib mattress and fitted sheet (he just doesn’t know it yet!). And let’s be honest, this was the most important...

PS ~ Doesn’t Rick look like a total hunk opening it?!? Just sayin!

Organic baby crib 

This decision was a little scary for me because you hear some pretty crazy stories about issues arising from non-organic baby products. Ew. Not okay. I wasn’t about to take any chances!

This excerpt was taken straight from Nest’s website for their Organic Crib Mattress:

We spent years developing the ideal crib mattress. We present the USA Made Nest Bedding® Organic Crib Mattress. Layered GOTS certified organic wool with GOTS certified organic cotton and an internal support system of natural coconut coir and durable springs. This bed offers a breathable and moisture wicking sleep environment for your little one.

Organic baby mattress

As a first-time mommy, I really want to make all the best decisions for my little guy. So, when I found this mattress and their Crib Bedding, I really felt like I found the best of the best!!

I love that the mattress allows for natural temperature regulation and cooling, and it includes the coconut coir ingredient, which is antibacterial and water resistant. This ingredient also helps with even distribution of weight, which is super important because you don’t want your little nugget rolling over on his or her side or stomach.

Best mattress
I couldn’t be happier with our choice to go with Nest! Be sure to check them out at nestbedding.com if you are looking for organic luxury when it comes to your most important thing...sleep!

Thanks guys, for all the presents! We absolutely love y’all!