The Devil Wears Nada

Mean girls? SO last year. The fashion world is seeing a crazy amount of changes right now and one of the big themes that we are picking up on is that glamorizing "mean girls" is OUT and actually being kind to others in order to move up in the world is IN. 

We are SO here for this new shift of leadership style in the fashion industry! The Coronavirus pandemic has changed everyone's lives as of late, and we are all in the same boat! We all need love and support from others around us and now more than ever it is SO SO important to be kind to everyone and take time to think of others. 

One of the ways that we are going to see this pan out in the industry is with nicer bosses!! NOBODY likes to be yelled at and personally, it makes me WAY upset and much less productive! We don't need people in leadership positions to be using an aggressive management style, we need people who will help build us up and work together to help fix problems. We need to be feeling EMPOWERED by the people we look up to in our lives not brought down!

Another way this is going to show up is with less undermining of others to get where you need to be in your career. GUYS. This stuff is real!! Its honestly crazy how some people have clawed there way up the ladder, not caring who they have hurt on the way up. The fashion industry will always be competitive, this I can say for sure, but putting people down to pull yourself up is simply not cool anymore. That is the definition of a bully guys! NOT cool. 

Creating a change doesn't have to start with something big! Doing small things is sometimes just as important and it helps create a big change over a period of time. Help that coworker, give those kind words to a friend, or work together with someone instead of trying to work against them. KINDNESS IS THE NEW THING!!

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