5 Sustainable Brands That Are Changing The Face Of Fashion

I'm sure you guys already know this, but one of the biggest trends in the fashion industry in the past few years has been sustainability! With environmental issues becoming one of the world's top priorities, sustainability for the industry has become SO SO important! 

The best way to help is to support brands that make things sustainability and are doing their best to work for the environment. Cause I mean come on, who doesn't want to help the environment while getting cute clothes at the same time?? Sounds like a deal to me!

Here are some of the AMAZING brands I wanted to highlight that are changing the world right now with their sustainable practices!!

1. Etica Denim

This brand shows at the MAGIC tradeshow in Las Vegas, where The McCord List hosts the Social House, so I have been able to see their products up close.

This denim is NO joke. Everything is such high quality and the styles are fresh, new, and trendy. And even better, the way they make their denim is SO sustainable. Denim production is one of the leading causes of pollution in the fashion industry. There are so many processes that denim has to go through to get to its finished look. Etica uses specialized machines that limit waste that affects the environment such as air and water pollution. 

2. Patagonia


This one an obvious one, but it is too good not to include! This brand is so transparent with the production processes that they include a whole tab on their website dedicated to talking about what they are doing for the environment and how they minimizing their footprint on the earth. They also "tax" themselves, and 1% of their profits go to nonprofits that are fighting for the sustainability of the earth. 


3. Allbirds

I just found the brand recently and it is SO fascinating! They use all-natural materials for their shoes such as wool from merino sheep. They also use recycled cardboard, castor bean oil, and recycled plastic bottles. They do all their business and production with mother nature in mind. They also measure the carbon footprint of each one of their shoes so they can keep track of the mark they are leaving on the earth. Their goal for the future is to have 0 emissions from their shoes. 


4. Thought

True to its name, these clothes are thoughtfully designed and produced. They focus on using sustainable fabrics for their products and they practice responsible sourcing. They use fabrics that are all-natural such as organic cotton, ramie, and hemp. They are constantly improving their products and processes, knowing that small changes can make big differences!


5. Reformation


I have known about this brand for a while but I didn't realize how sustainable they were in their practices! It's always exciting to find out a brand that you already buy from is actually super great for the environment! Yay!! Sustainability is at the center of their business and they even have all their goals and programs mapped out for the next 5 years. Talk about prepared! A girl LOVES a brand that knows exactly what they are doing.

I hope that learning more about these 5 brands inspires you to start supporting sustainable brands and to be more thoughtful about where you shop! 

















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