Home Stretch!! At-Home Mommy Spa With Evereden!!

Home Stretch!! At-Home Mommy Spa With Evereden!!

Rachel McCord

Oh my gosh GUYS it's almost here!!! My little man is due soon and we are so, so excited to meet him! 

Not gonna lie.. the last few weeks have been super uncomfortable!! Mama has been needing some at-home self care! 

(Maternity Pics by Jen Lowery)

I've been organizing the nursery and all of the amazing gifts we've received and wanted to talk about one of my favorites!! 

I was sent over some product from Evereden and guys, I am in LOVE. They have so many great momma products I've been trying out. It's like an at-home spa experience and let me tell you, I NEED that right now!!!

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These products are free of toxins so families' can be worry-free. The brand was created by moms and dermatologists, so they made sure to leave out all the harmful, irritable stuff. Thank you, and NO THANK YOU. And not only do they have products for momma, they have some just for our little ones too!

Nourishing Stretch Mark Cream


One of the products Evereden sent over that I'm super excited about is their Nourishing Stretch Mark Cream. You guys... stretch marks are NO JOKE!!! Being in my third trimester, my little man is nearly grown and ready to introduce himself!! I'll take five, cuz this girl is trying to get ahead of her stretch marks!! 

Multi-Purpose Healing Balm


Let's talk about this healing balm. Guys!! This stuff can be used for everything!! I can use it on cuts or irritated skin, or just as lip balm! This stuff is SERIOUSLY hydrating! Also, can we talk about how cute their packaging is?! 

Soothing Belly Mask Collection


Okay, this is probably the product I was most excited to try! You know I love a good face mask, or anything really that has to do with self-care. Y'all!! This is a mask for your belly! How cute is that?! The belly mask is used to promote skin elasticity, soothe irritated skin, and reduce stretch marks (all things I can get behind). I can't wait to try this one out! 

Bestsellers Duo – Evereden

Don't forget! Evereden has products for our babes as well! BRB, getting them ALL!!! Check out their baby products here: 


And to grab all the products I mentioned above, and check out their BEAUTIFUL website, visit Evereden here:


Once again, thank you so much Evereden for sending over these goodies! Momma and baby are sending our love! I'm so excited to continue implementing these products into mine and our babe's routine!



Rachel McCord

P.S. This post was sponsored, but my opinion could never be.