I Never Saw Blue Like That...

I Never Saw Blue Like That...

Katelyn Dowse

1 Min Read: While celebrating the most incredible gift I’ve ever received, I’ve gotta be honest...I’ve had a hard time adjusting to life as a mama.

Maybe it’s been the sleepless nights, overwhelming anxiety, or...umm I don’t know...a global pandemic...but it’s been hard.

I had planned on family coming, a babysitter, and maybe a few more minutes of sleep, but Rick and I have been in 24/7 baby land.

As I reflect on these first 2 months with my little guy, and occasionally stretch my ever aching back...I am still in awe and wonder.

I’m pretty sure I’ve been dealing with postpartum...or maybe it’s just been the adjustment to life as parents...but no matter how hard it has been, I can’t believe how blessed I am.

I sing love songs to this little guy every night and legit tear up looking at his beautiful face.

It isn’t easy being a mama. I am in complete awe of every mom I’ve ever met, who silently carries the world on her very tired shoulders.

I’ve started a few companies and even been blessed enough to sell one...but I’ve never worked this hard in my life. BUT I had also never seen the sky through my baby’s eyes. I had never stared in awe at random things I’ve walked by a hundred times. I have never loved like this...

If you get a second, listen to “I never saw blue like that before” by shawn colvin...it captures this all so eloquently.

My life might be harder than it’s ever been...but it’s also more than I could have ever imagined. I cherish these moments. I can’t believe God chose me to be his mama. It’s the greatest job title I’ll ever hold. 😊

If you’re dealing with postpartum or struggling with any season of your life. Please reach out. Please share your heart. There are amazing resources out there...like this one: 





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