How to Lose the Monday Blues

How to Lose the Monday Blues

Rachel McCord

How are you today? Sunday nights can be a little weird, because our weekend is coming to a close and Monday is coming up fast! 

How are you feeling about it? I am personally pretty excited because I have a really fun meeting (with one of my best friends) tomorrow... But I also remember (and still experience) those days when I’m NOT feeling it. 

So how DO you lose the Monday Blues?!

I honestly think the most important thing is to meditate on the beautiful blessings you have in your life.

What can you hold onto you as you walk into a hard moment? 

Today, I attended the exclusive Shiseido yacht party with some amazing women in Los Angeles!

Rachel McCord cara Santana

My sister, AnnaLynne McCord, Jamie Chung, Cara Santana, Lindsay Albanese, Ashley Fultz, Tiffany Carter-Thompson, Erin Kelly, and OF COURSE Jen Betts...the queen who planned it ALL!!! 

Annalynne McCord, Rachel McCord

The purpose was to try their amazing beauty products, as we cared for our skin and blocked out the rays...50+++++ style  

Shiseido Rachel mccord

It was such a fun and inspiring day, and I’m just thinking of how happy I am that went, as I unwind from the day and think about it.

It was an amazing reminder that we are all so blessed. I think back on those days when my depression and anxiety was really kicking...and how I truly thought I would never pull through.

Now, to be around so many amazing and talented women in my industry, I feel like I’ve somehow been able to build a life that I’m proud that I’m inspired by!

It’s all such a blessing, and I’m so grateful that God has helped me pull through those hard seasons, so I could celebrate all the joy this life has waiting to be experienced.

That’s the kind of gratitude I feel, when I start to feel the stress of the hard week that might be ahead of me. 

Rachel McCord, Shiseido

I think of how I wouldn’t have believed if someone had told me (and didn’t when Rick did) 6 years ago, when we started The McCord List female empowerment community, that someday I would be in the meetings I’m in, attending the events I do, filming the projects that come to me, or speaking at the places I do.  

It’s the biggest honor to wake up everyday and ask, “What are we accomplishing today?” And to acknowledge that I get to ask myself that. I get to set the strategy and tone of this business, and guide my team to do the same. I don’t answer to anyone else about the business I built. I DEFINITELY ask for advice (and need it) but I never have to ask for permission.

When I meet people who want to be entrepreneurs, I encourage them because doing it is the most challenging and rewarding thing you’ll ever do. You will fall, fail, and feel like giving up. But you have to push through. You just have to keep getting back up as life and people knock you down. I’ve worked insanely hard to get to a place where I get to trust my gut and make decisions for my business. But I don’t take those choice for granted. I realize it’s because I’ve built something I can be proud of. But I’ll also be the one to pay the price when I mess up. It’s my responsibility to be wise with my opportunities and continue to show up and lean in...even when I wanna LIE DOWN!  

So whatever about Monday you are side eye rolling right now...I encourage you to change your perspective and LEAN in. You’ve got this! You’re amazing and so much more powerful than you even realize! Keep the faith and keep pushing. 

I love you always!


ps... if you or someone you love is struggling with depression or anxiety, don’t ignore it. It truly can get better but you need (and deserve) support to do it! 

Here are some resources to help you along your way!


NAMI for support for individuals and families who need support:

Confidential support line (24 hours a day): 1-800-273-8255

Celebrate recovery support group:

Timberline Knolls treatment center: