Everlasting Comfort: A Breath Of Fresh Air

Hey babes!!

WOW life has been SO crazy lately I feel like I barely have had time to breathe! We are just got our lake house all set up in Las Vegas (Vegas babyyy!!) and it is so hot here that this mama is MELTING! 

The downside to this heat is that it is DRY heat, which can make allergies worse, give you dry skin and make you more prone to getting sick (which is NOT what we need right now).

That is why I was SO excited when Everlasting Comfort sent me a humidifier for the house! It reduces airborne viruses and bacteria (Uh yes please!) and soothes dry skin and sinuses. This is also SUPER important to me because I've got a little baby in the house! Baby's sinuses and lungs are so sensitive and they need the right amount of moisture in the air to keep healthy!

Rick and I have chosen to be EXTRA careful and safe right now so that's why I was stoked to learn that this humidifier can not only alleviate asthma and seasonal allergies but it can help with colds/flus too! It helps me feel a lot more safe during this crazy time. 

The way that it works is that it has whisper quiet ultrasonic cool mist output. It's also filterless so you don't have to be replacing it constantly which is super nice! It has a 6L water storage tank and lasts up to 50+ hours. SO convenient! 

Honestly guys, working from home has never been easier and products like these help me feel SO comfy and safe at home! 

Keep staying safe and healthy and get your humidifier here!





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