Earthquake in LA Right Now! 6 Tips to Deal with Anxiety + What to do in Case of Emergency...

Update: Multiple reports of the magnitude. Some reports are saying 4.3, while LA Times is saying 6.4 Earthquake in LA!

Did you just feel that earthquake in LA?

I live in Marina Del Rey, and my entire home was shaking, with the windows making a crackling sound. SO scary!

Are you okay?

Here is a LINK to some safety tips in case of an earthquake emergency. #earthquakeinla 

The LAPD posted about it online asking if everyone felt it. And the EMSC just share that it was the 3rd felt in the last 36 minutes in LA. They also shared that it was 9 km East of Ridgecrest, California. 

Earthquake in LA

Be safe, my loves!! If you feel scared in moments like these (like me), try these 6 tips to help you deal with anxiety...

  • Say a prayer
  • Call a friend
  • Focus on and take sloooow deep breaths, try to exhale longer than you inhale
  • Grab your furry friends and get on the floor, away from anything that could potentially fall 
  • Follow all safety instructions and protocols by emergency responders 
  • Remember that God has got you!! :)



Rachel McCord

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