Sharing our hearts this Thanksgiving with Line and Dot!

Sharing our hearts this Thanksgiving with Line and Dot!

Rachel McCord

I was incredibly honored this month when Line and Dot named me Gal of the Month. 

Being Gal of the Month is about so much more than just style...although let’s be honest, we all love us some style. :) For me, it meant so much because Line and Dot was honoring my heart for community. My heart for women. They showed that by cohosting a brunch with me at La Peer Hotel, for some of the amazing women in my life and on The McCord List.

As I think about what makes up a community, I believe it comes down to heart. Of course there is so much fun to be had when the entire Line and Dot team comes down to celebrate and dress my stunning ladies with their beautiful designs... But it was the heartbeat of community that made the day so special. And I think that’s always the case when we choose to live our lives for others. It is in the moments when we set aside time to celebrate one another that means so much. LA can be a really hard town on the heart. You work so hard to show that you can make it. You work so hard  to prove that to yourself and everyone else. You work so hard to feel like you are...enough. And there is no city where community is more important than in LA. And there is no better moment than the present to honor one another and to show gratitude for who they are in your life. That’s what this honor means to me. It’s a moment to acknowledge one another. A moment to acknowledge each other’s hard work, and remind them of how much we love and adore them. 

So as we step into Thanksgiving this week, I encourage you to show true gratitude to the ones you love. Honor them. Tell that girl boss that she is YOUR Gal of the Month. Sure, it might feel a little cheesy at first but the truth is, we don’t have tomorrow promised to us. We never know when we are experiencing our last opportunity to show our heart to someone we love. To share our feelings to someone who truly needs it.

Yesterday, I was on a flight back home from Georgia, when I met an amazing woman who has been struggling during a hard season in her life. As I sat next to her on my flight, listening to her heart and sharing some encouragement I have picked up along the way, I said a little prayer of gratitude. Because of all the seats she could have chosen, this was the place she was meant to be. I was humbled and grateful for the opportunity to love her. To share a few words of encouragement. You see, that five hour flight was such a short period of time in her life, but it was the period when she really needed someone. And I got to be used in that moment to bless her. What an incredible honor to get to fill a need in the exact moment when it matters. We never know what someone is going through, what they might be hiding behind that smile. But when we choose to love one another, to honor them, to remind them that they matter...we get to share a little slice of heaven with them. How special is that?! And that is exactly where heart comes in. That is where community truly begins. 

So as you hug up your family and friends this week, remind them of what they mean to you. Tell them that they are YOUR Gal (or guy) of the Month! :) Give them a little extra love because that is what life and community is ALL about!!

I love you always (especially you, Ricky! YOU are my GUY of the Month)!



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