*Fashionable Films and Their Captivating Costumes

*Fashionable Films and Their Captivating Costumes

Rachel McCord

I don't know about you guys, but I LOVE to look at the different costumes and fashions in movies. It's so exciting to see the things that people make and how creative they can be with it!

Hunger Games

Lionsgate gave me the opportunity to fly up to San Francisco for the day to see this AMAZING Hunger Games exhibit at the Palace of Fine arts. It was such a great experience! They did my hair, makeup, nails, and offered me the most delicious food! I was also able to see the ACTUAL outfits that they wore in the movie and learn more about the back story behind the movie as well.

Check out these pictures I took of some of the outfits!


Judianna Makovsky was the costume designer for this movie and she totally KILLED IT! She has also worked on movies like Great expectations, X-man, and even Harry Potter! 

The costumes fit the aesthetic of the dystopian world, called Panem, so perfectly. She was really able to capture the different wealth divides with the bright ornate costumes of Effie Trinket to the more drab and muted costumes that Katniss and Gale wore. 

The people of the Capital city were meant to be dressed up in Haute Couture, flaunting their wealth in feathers and flowers, hiding their true evil beneath it. Makovsky said that she got her inspiration for the other district's clothes from coal miners, with the dusty blues and greys that were worn by people from that time.

I had such a fun time seeing these fashions that I wanted to highlight a few more movies that had ICONIC costumes, one of which won an oscar!

Marie Antoinette

This movie has been out for a while now, but If ya'll haven't seen it yet you need to ASAP! I would watch this just for the costumes alone, they are SO spectacular.

The costume designer for this movie was Milena Canonero. The movie is an impressionist take on the story of the ill-fated Marie Antionette, so the clothes are slightly modernized and stylized. The colors may not have been accurate to the time, but they match the bright aesthetic of the movie. The clothes almost tell their own story, separate from the plot and they also enhance the whole vibe of the movie.

Something that I thought was SUPER cool was that if you look closely enough during the movie, you can see her outfits split into four distinct sections. There are her early years when she is a child and everything is more simple and the colors are more muted. Then there are her party years where everything is bright, pink, and extremely ornate. This girl really knew how to LIVE IT UP!

The next section is motherhood, marked by white flowy dresses that are much more simple. Then the last section is mourning when her husband was killed and she was eventually put in jail (I would be depressed too tbh). 

I just LOVE that his movie uses fashion to make you feel something, and draw deep emotions out of you. It is such a great cinematic tool!

Check out some of the costumes here!


 Little Women

This movie just recently won an Oscar for its costumes and GUYS it is so good! Jaqueline Durran did the costumes for this movie and she has done design for a lot of other famous movies such as Atonement, Pride and Prejudice and Anna Karenina. 

Durren said that she took inspiration for the costumes from actual paintings done in the 1860s. She wanted things to be as accurate as possible, but of course, took some liberties with the costumes here and there.

Clothes in this movie are a huge part of the creation of each character. Jo never really wanted to be a girl, so her clothes are very tomboyish and plain.

Amy loves fashion and cares what people think about her so when she finally makes it to Paris later in the movie, she can wear those high society Parisian clothes that she's always dreamed of.  

Beth's clothes were simple and didn't change much over the course of the movie because she stays pretty steady as a character. Meg's outfits are more traditional and simple because she is the eldest and feels that she must be more practical, even though she is a romantic at heart. 

These girls were also feminists and really progressive for their time, so Durren wanted to take a modern perspective on the clothes to reflect that. She CLEARY did a great job!!

Check out some pictures of the costumes here!!


Black Panther

I think that Black Panther is SUCH a groundbreaking movie not only with its costumes but with its culture as well. The movie's take on the futuristic world located in Africa is SO unique and fresh!

Ruth E Carter designed all of the costumes for this movie, and she got very creative with it. She even whipped out a 3D printer for some of the outfits guys!! Seriously so cool. Carter said that the costumes were inspired by real African tribes, and she put a modern/punk perspective on it to change it up.

Unlike Marie Antoinette and Little Women, Wakanda was made up, so there wasn't any history for Carter to go off of. She built the looks from a tone and an aesthetic that she got from reading the script. 

People have described the movie as "Afrofuturistic" and I think its the perfect word to describe the world that was created in Black Panther. It's so unique and exciting, not to mention incredibly detailed. There were different costumes for each district or tribe in Wakanda, and each look was carefully thought out, taking into consideration the actual culture of Africa.

Check out pictures fo the costumes here!


I hope you guys learned a lot about costume design from this post because I know that I did! It was so much fun diving deep into all the fun fashion details of each of these movies. 

Stay inspired!