5 Activities To Do At Home To Beat Quarantine Boredom!!

5 Activities To Do At Home To Beat Quarantine Boredom!!

Rachel McCord

Even though things are beginning to open up around the country, some of us are still pretty much stuck at home (especially if we have a small human in our house!!)

I have been soaking up these baby filled days, cuddling, and loving on my sweet baby Jude. DON'T get me wrong!! I am LOVING these slow days at home, but another part of me is wanting to find some fun things to do around the house to help keep me sane!! 

After doing a little bit of research I found these fun activities that will totally switch up your routine and help keep you entertained during quarantine!

1. Make your own macrame!

Guys this stuff is so COOL! Not to mention it is a total trend right now to have these woven decorations hanging on your wall, cradling a plant pot,  or laying on top of a table. These babies can be a little pricy though, so making your own could be SUCH a fun project that could help you save some money too! Here is a link to a great site that has tutorials for 9 different macrame projects! Tie away, ladies!! https://lifestyleforreallife.com/2019/05/11/macrame-project/

2. Have an at-home spa day!

Self-care is seriously SO important guys!! With all the craziness going on in the world, many people's mental health has been strained and it's so so important to take care of yourself and take a night off! I am especially excited about this one because of how exhausted I am post-baby. Mama needs a BREAK! Put on a nice beauty face mask, exfoliate your skin, sink into a warm bath, paint your toenails or whatever else helps YOU feel calm and relaxed.

3. Learn calligraphy!

Something that I think is so thoughtful is sending handwritten letters! It's even more special now when everyone is stuck at home to send a special note to someone you love, showing that you are thinking of them. Calligraphy can totally spice up a note and make you look like a letter-writing PRO. I found some great tutorials online that show you how to get started! All you need is some ink and a quill and your ready!! https://julieblanner.com/category/entertaining/calligraphy/

4. Discover new reality shows to indulge in!

 I'll admit it, I am a sucker for a good reality show, especially ones about love/dating! There have been so many epic shows that have come out recently that have made me want to binge-watch them for HOURS! What a better time to explore new shows than when you are stuck at home with nothing better to do! Some of the top romantic reality shows out right now are:

1. Are you the One?

2. Love Island UK (Hulu)

3. Bachelor in Paradise

4. Temptation Island (Hulu)

5. Blind Date (Hulu)

6. Too hot to handle (Netflix)

7. Dating Around (Netflix)

8. 90-day fiance (Hulu)

9. Love is Blind (Netflix)

10. Married at first sight (Hulu)

5. Take up Yoga!

Yoga is not only calming and relaxing, it also is very healthy for your body! I am always in search of new yoga tutorials on youtube and I have found a few that look AMAZING!! These channels have videos for beginners ya'll so you do NOT have to be a yoga guru to master these moves!




I hope guys have some fun with these ideas and please stay safe out there!!