A Tribe Called Bliss

A time of purpose with A Walk on Water and Project UROK
May 11, 2018
May 22, 2018

A Tribe Called Bliss

A Tribe Called Bliss

Babes! Happy Friday 🙂 I wanted to share one of my new favorite books, written by the most amazing human! Lori Harder, my LOVE, is a self-expert and she wrote her new book A Tribe Called Bliss which shares how she personally built her tribe after facing her hardships. She is CONFIDENT, beautiful, and takes risks. YASSS.

“The benefits of a having a tribe are undeniable. Women who have strong social circles are living longer, happier, healthier lives in comparison to those who lack connections and are mentally and physically exhausting themselves trying to quench external desires in isolation.”

Lori connects the inspiration and action in A Tribe Called Bliss in order to create a positive guide, and to motivate YOU. I am so, so proud to have been a part of this amazing book launch.

I am SO proud to be part of the tribe and BEYOND proud of Lori.



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