A time of purpose with A Walk on Water and Project UROK

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May 8, 2018
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May 11, 2018

A time of purpose with A Walk on Water and Project UROK

I was so so honored to support two AMAZING organizations last night with my incredible husband Rick Schirmer! ❤️

The first (before I had an outfit change…in my convertible ?) was a Walk on Water, which is all about helping those with special needs, through water adventures! ❤️❤️

These amazing athletes have the time of their lives and make new friends, while some speak for the VERY FIRST TIME! ❤️

Their next opportunity to volunteer in Los Angeles is next month in Huntington Beach! ??‍♀️ Can you support? ????‍♀️

Afterward, I headed over to The Highlight Room for the Project UROK fundraiser, to support their important work to #breakthestigma on mental health.

They encourage you to tell your story. Which I think we ALL should!

We ALL have someone in our lives (if not ourselves) who has felt the emptiness and pain of mental illness. This is NOT something to EVER judge or be quiet about…this is something we ALL need to embrace, support, and care for. ❤️

As many of my loves know (who are STILL reading this SUPER LONG POST)…I’ve personally struggled with depression and PTSD…but that is NOT my story. It is something that I’ve survived. It is something that I continue to survive everyday. We cannot always choose what happens to us…but we can ALWAYS choose how we are gonna respond to it.

Are you going to let this break you? Or, are you gonna wipe those tears, put on those stilettos and hair flip the past away?! ??‍♀️

It’s SO hard to see the light on the other side of the tunnel when you’re in it…but I promise you…there is sunshine on the other side, and moments of light and love along the way!

I hope you are feeling a little more #inspired right now…I know I am! ❤️❤️

So check out these organizations (and see if they speak to your heart…as they do mine! I love youuu!! XO

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