You Won’t Believe the 3 Things my Photoshoot Taught Me!

I recently took to the beaches in Malibu for a photoshoot with a hip water brand:

138 Water


The El Niño (rain season) of Los Angeles was being unkind that week with a rare cluster of rainy days and cold weather. 

Still sneaking off to blow my nose or cough after a cold from the 1920s, I was definitely not feeling my best.   

But, something remarkable happened when I arrived on set …

I realized that in order to feel fabulous (when you don’t really feel fabulous) … You just have to GO FOR IT!

Next thing you know, I was chasing waves in the 20 degree cold Pacific and laughing away the goosebumps. 

Sooo what worked?


1. I did the preparation. 

I knew I would want to look my best even though I was coming back from a cold, feeling super pale and really wanting to be in a cozy onesie  

I worked out a few days leading up to the shoot, ate healthier (anyone who knows me know how hard this was for me) and picked looks I felt really comfortable in. 

2. I made a decision to be fearless. 

I know it sounds cheesy when discussing a photoshoot BUT hear me out …

I am a cautious person so anytime I put myself out there (especially if the paparazzi is RIGHT THERE to catch you fail), it makes me nervous. 

Instead of holding back and letting my fear of failure take over, I made a choice:

I decided to give myself permission to be fearless. To put myself out there and open up to success. 

This can apply to anything in life! #justsayin

3. I cheered myself on every step of the way. 

That’s right! Insert positive affirmations here. 

How often do we cut outselves down? It is time that we become our biggest cheerleaders! 

So, that’s exactly what I did. Same technique I used when I was interviewing 7 times to later be one of the youngest employees hired by ADP …

I talked myself through the entire shoot. Especially reminding myself how great it was that I simply decided to show up. 

Powerful things happen when we simply show up! 



GO GIRL! Rock this beautiful thing called life. Give yourself permission to be FEARLESS. 


Life is such a beautiful gift. Let’s live it to the full. Let’s not take one opportunity for granted. You deserve to have it all. You deserve a fabulous life. 

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Rachel McCord