You Deserve A Fabulous Life!

Last week, I hopped on a flight with my hubby and baby munchkin to Ohio.   
This was the second year I was asked to speak to the young ladies who attend The Ridge Project’s Film Camp. 

 It is the biggest honor to be asked to speak. 

So, after speaking in 2014, I decided to add a little something extra to the girls who deserve it the most!  

I get treated like a princess everyday as a lifestyle and fashion blogger in Los Angeles. 

But, these lovely girls, some whose parents save $2 a month every year to provide this experience to, live a different life everyday. 

Some doubt themselves, some are being bullied, and some feel insecure or just plain alone. 

I had to do something to show these girls how loved and special they are!

 Seeing this beauty smile like this, I knew planning a makeup and nail party for them was the perfect idea!  

       The girls were so excited, they couldn’t wait to come inside and play. 🙂

   After reaching the ladies some fun makeup tips and checking out their nails, we had an awesome talk about going for their dreams and feeling deserving of a fabulous life!