Wild by Cheryl Strayed with Reese Witherspoon

I woke up this morning and drove to Palm Springs, California, for the private screening of Wild, a 20th Century Fox film, starring Reese Witherspoon

It was a weekend getaway at the stunning Parker Hotel.

I was greeted with a beautiful room with a long balcony and a fabulous bathroom.

Which Munchkin and I thoroughly enjoyed. 
Then, I got dressed to head to the private screen on the ballroom lawn. 

Can we talk about how much thought was put into this event? I am so honored to be an invited blogger and social influencer!
They had a fabulous buffet spread 

With popcorn 

Flavored popcorn

Chocolate covered rasins, cookies, Hersey’s, gummy bears, Ms Vickie’s chips, and more. 

They even served pretzels, fresh tea, lemonade and water …

All in theme for the movie, of course. 

Twentieth Century Fox, together with ThinkJam PR, spared no expense to treat the bloggers like celebs.  

And, to be honest, as I continue to step out of my sister’s shadow (Actress, AnnaLynne McCord), I feel even greater appreciation for every opportunity where I’m not asked to bring my sister. 

No offense, I just want to feel like my own person.  

You can work so hard to build your brand, grow followers, and create content, but when people recognize your work, it’s always an honor.  I choose to always stay humble. 

Anyway, back to my fabulous Day 1 of the weekend to celebrate the DVD release of Wild, by Reese Witherspoon. 

I had cuddled up on blanket in the lawn 

in front of the massive screen to prepare for the movie’s start, when I was gifted with the most amazing gift bag. 

Or, shall I say, “Hobo Care Package” — which references a laugh out loud moment in the movie. 

It was the perfect purple backpack from REI, in one of my favorite colors. Complete with pockets and straps, the depth of the bag makes it perfect for my hike up Runyon Canyon for yoga each week.

Inside, I was gifted the soundtrack to the movie

A fabulous candle of San Jacinto Flowers from Products for the Palm Springs Lifestyle.

Other gifts from Products for the Palm Springs Lifestyle included some much needed lip balm and a festive pen. 

They also included the book, Wild by Cheryl Strayed. 

And, of course, the DVD … Wild, starring Reese Witherspoon. 

I’m saving my comments on the movie for another post. 

But, I can say that Danner killed it with their custom boots for the movie. They shared the craftsmanship and incredible process of creating the exact shoes described in the book. 

Which, who is surprised, the CEO said it right when he explained that creating boots is what they do everyday — have been doing since 1932, I might add. 

Watch the full movie for the making of Danner Boots for Reese Witherspoon. 

Well, on that note …let’s get back to the movie. 

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