Where to Go When Planning Your Perfect Wedding!

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LovePopShops to Ease Wedding Planning Stress

A few weeks ago, my hubby and I stumbled upon Weddington Way, a fabulous pop up shop that began with a pop up shop in New York.

They also have an online boutique shop where brides, grooms, wedding parties and fans could shop for everything from the engagement party trimmings, to bridal wear, party supplies, gifts and more.

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Everyone knows I am already married, but one of my best friends just got engaged (yay!), so I KNOW she will love to know the place to shop for her upcoming nuptials.

rachel mccord blog rachel mccord blog

Plus, I now also know of a fabulous spot to purchase gifts for her!rachel mccord blog

It takes the stress out of wedding planning by creating a one stop shop for the wedding party, rather than having them running all over the internet to find what they needed.

LovePopShops are coming up everywhere to allow you to shop in person, rather than simply online.



rachel mccord blog  rachel mccord blog

You can expect a personal wedding stylist who’ll help you every step of the way. The first brick and mortar store opened in LA, at 314 Robertson Boulevard, right in the heart of West Hollywood.


rachel mccord blog rachel mccord blog

The space is designed like a beautiful wedding, complete with comfortable lounging chairs, beautiful designs and chandeliers. The space, however wouldn’t be complete without all the lovely dresses and other accessories to choose from.

rachel mccord blog rachel mccord blog rachel mccord blog

Another fabulous thing about Wedding Way is that bridesmaids, best mans, grooms, and brides are able to join together from anywhere in the world. They can comment, share and like dresses and items from the online store to make a decision together.

rachel mccord blog rachel mccord blog

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