Where does your self worth come from?

by: Rachel McCord
I find times in my Life when I feel very happy with who I am as a person, and then I catch myself a day or so later thinking negative thoughts about what I say, how I look, what I have accomplished, and who I am.  I know this is not the way I want to live my life, I know this is not fair to myself, nor is it coming from love. In fact, finding yourself in a bad mood is the fastest way to realize you have been thinking negative thoughts.
Here are 3 affirmations I tell myself that change my mood, sometimes instantly:
1. “I am loveable because I exist.”  I love who I am, and refuse to consciously attack myself and think hurtful things about me. I am continuing to work on what I do subconsciously.
2. “I am at peace with myself.” Being at peace with yourself is such an incredible feeling, and it is extremely important to living a joyful Life. Find ways to feel peaceful and content with yourself.
3. “I create loving and harmonious relationships. I love myself” I have realized that the state of my relationships often dictate my feelings about myself (self worth). While I continue to work on affirming the what (my self worth), I also choose to affirm the why (my relationships).

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