When the lights go out the McCord Sisters play!

By: Rachel McCord.

I don’t know if it was the fact that my sister, Angel McCord, was already out and about, or if it was because I was rocking my brand new ‘Hannah‘ purse from Robert Matthew, but I was in the mood to go out last night!

We started the evening off right with some pre-game photos at my new apartment.
I highly suggest photos before the night begins, just in case you have an ‘Inst-fail’ of either forgetting to take them or … umm … getting a little too cocktail happy later and not looking quite red carpet fab — which, let’s be honest, has happened to the best of us.

I chose to go with some of my favorite short, white shorts and a loose-fitting black blouse with a jacket, because I think it’s important to show some leg or cleavage (not both). Come on guys, this isn’t the Bad Girls Club!

Since I was living up the blogger life at the pool earlier in the day,

I was too sunburned to deal with a constricting push-up bra so I opted for some leg action … problem solved!

The pop of color and gorgeous style of Robert Matthew‘s purse was perfect for a touch of summer to offset the darker color tones in my outfit.

We were outside awaiting the arrival of our Uber when we met ‘Johnny BeatBox‘, a ridiculously talented performer, who can recreate beats on request with nothing but his mouth – AKA his “beatbox”. He performed a little something something for us as he carted around his furry little friend.

These are the moments when I love LA!

Needless to say, we were highly entertained!! He even offered to perform at one of my Blogger Gifting Parties!

When we arrived at Bootsy Bellows, across from Soho House and BOA on Sunset, the line was pretty crazy.

But, as we all know, my sister, Angel is a #boss, so she walked us right in passed the lines and into a private, VIP room for cocktails and dancing.

It wasn’t long before I needed to ditch the jacket, so I was blessing my stars that I had grabbed my Hannah bag and not just a small clutch. I was able to stash it away without the hassle of carrying it around!

The night was such a blast! I just loved good friends and amazing LA nights!

Even when the paps catch my sister leaving a couple hours after me! What, I needed some late night pizza!! 🙂

But now, back to my Gatorade and Advil!

PS, if you are as obsessed with my Hannah bag as I am, take a peek at Robert Matthew‘s collection. He has some incredible pieces with amazing prices! #NewFav!


How do you live the red carpet during a night on the town? Let us know in your comments below!